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Haute Hijab is the leading US hijab brand and a pioneer in the modest fashion space, committed to creating a world in which every woman feels comfortable and confident. Our CEO Melanie Elturk is frequently sought out as a thought leader within the industry, and our innovative designs have been widely featured in publications such as Vogue, Elle and more. Read more about our brand story here.
"Rising model Halima Aden wearing Haute Hijab in her recent feature as a Change Agent in Elle."

DECEMBER 2018 | Read More
“Crystal-Covered and Hand-Embroidered Luxury Hijab Line Fills a Gap in the Marketplace”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“This New Line of Luxury Hijabs Is Beyond Gorgeous”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“Exclusive: Haute Hijab Founder Melanie Elturk Talks Luxury Hijabs with Vogue”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“A New Line Of Luxury Hijabs Has Just Launched”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“This Brand Just Created A Game-Changing Accessory For Your Hijab”

DECEMBER 2018 | Read More
“Haute Hijab's Luxury Hijab Collection Is Changing The Game For Muslim Fashionistas”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“This Fashion Brand Is Making High-End, Luxury Hijabs”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“Now THIS Is How a Pro Styles a Hijab For Fashion Week”

MARCH 2018 | Read More
“This Empowering Luxury Brand Is Changing How Muslim-American Women Wear Hijabs”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“GAP Features Hijabi Woman In Their Summer 2017 Campaign!”

MAY 2017 | Read More
“Meet Melanie Elturk, a former lawyer-turned-CEO of a company that makes fashionable hijabs”

MAY 2018 | Read More
“What Does Modest Fashion Mean?”

NOVEMBER 2016 | Read More
“A Makeover for the Hijab, via Instagram”

AUGUST 2014 | Read More
“10 CEOs Predict What We’ll All Be Talking About A Year From Now”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“3 Bad Habits CEOs Picked Up In 2017 And How They Plan To Break Them”

JANUARY 2018 | Read More
“10 CEOs On How They Coped With 2017’s Unrelenting News Cycle”

DECEMBER 2017 | Read More
“Why covering up is cool: Inside fashion's modesty movement”

MARCH 2015 | Read More
"How Melanie Elturk of Haute Hijab Is Changing The Lives of Muslim American Women"

JANUARY 2019 | Read More
"A Hijab Entrepreneur on the Power of Modest Dressing"

MARCH 2019 | Read More
"Haute Hijab Launches New Heritage Collection"

JULY 2019 | Read More
For media inquiries and interview requests, reach out to us at For stylists, we offer styling consultations and hijab loans for a wide variety of shoots. Simply send us an email and we'll be happy to help!