How to Join

When you create a Haute Hijab account, you are automatically registered for Community Rewards and begin earning points immediately. Don't have an account yet? Simply click "Login/Sign Up" in the menu and follow the steps to get signed up.

If you're already registered for an account, congratulations! You're already earning points and can view your points status in your account.

  • Earn Points, Save Money!

    Our Rewards program unlocks exclusive access to loyalty discounts and members-only sales. It’s simple: for every dollar you spend, you’ll receive one point. Points add up fast, you’ll be scoring free hijabs before you know it!

  • Give $10, Get $10!

    Spread the HH love by referring your friends! They’ll receive $10 off their first order, and you’ll receive $10 in points when they make their first purchase. There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, so don’t be shy!

  • Easy Redemption at Checkout.

    Once you have at least 100 points, you can redeem them for $5 or more. Look for the rewards point slider at checkout that will allow you to select how many points you want to use on your purchase.

$1 spent = 1 point earned.

Tiers are based on how much you spend within a 12-month period. Pro tip — redeeming your loyalty points does not affect your tier! (For example, if you earn 500 points and spend 200 on a purchase, you would have 300 points left but you would still be an Emerald member.)

Things are better when you’re part of the community. Rewards for shopping is just the beginning.

Rewards points are subject to the Haute Hijab terms of service. Points cannot be redeemed for cash. If you return a purchase, any points earned on that purchase will be deducted from your rewards balance. Haute Hijab reserves the right to void points deemed to be fraudulently earned.