Meet Jaserah

One of the things I’ve learned over many years of wearing hijab is that comfortable fabric makes ALL the difference in one's confidence and overall appearance. I find Haute Hijab's chiffon hijabs to be the most flattering and comfortable hijabs in the market. From daily wear to parties and even to the office, these lightweight chiffons will make you look and feel like a million bucks! 

Jaserah Asadullah is a modest fashion and lifestyle blogger from Texas! She has been a hijabi for over 16 years and draws on her experience to effectively inspire thousands of young women with affordable and modest looks for all settings and occasions. You can connect with her on Instagram @simplyjaserah.

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Meet Hakeemah

I curated my set as well as my top faves based on the diversity of the Muslim woman community. I chose a color palette that looks great on dark skin, medium tones, lighter skin and every shade in between as well as fabrics that complement a variety of lifestyles. For women who wish to protect their natural hair, the Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf is essential.

Hakeemah Cummings is a modest wear stylist and founder of CMB Styling, a one-of-a-kind modest fashion and hijab styling service. She is also a social media influencer who has created an online community that centers diversity, the unique perspectives of Muslim women and celebrates the beauty of an Islamic lifestyle. You can connect with her on Instagram @hakeemahcmb.

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Meet Heifa

I am thrilled to be sharing a collection with you of some of my favorite picks. These are my go-to everyday pieces that truly represent my style which is comfort and simplicity! It’s only been two years since I started wearing hijab yet it feels like yesterday that I made this life-changing decision. Alhamdulilah. In the beginning, I relied on the Premium Jersey Hijabs. They stay in place so well and made my transition easier. I also love the Bamboo Wovens as they feel like butter on my skin. I almost always receive compliments when I wear them!

Heifa Odeh, the face behind the food blog, Fufu’s Kitchen has been a recipe developer and food blogger for four years and loves every minute of it. She started her food blog to document Palestinian recipes passed down from generations and joyously shares them with her global audience. You can connect with her on Instagram @fufuinthekitchen.

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