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Inspired by faith, crafted for devotion. Nurturing our intimate connection with Allah (S), we find peace that fills our hearts and lights up our souls through daily prayer. In honor of this blessing, we present our long-anticipated prayer set. Meticulously crafted from sustainable bamboo fabric known for exceptional softness and powerful benefits, it is an ideal choice for daily wear. The lightweight weave adds comfort, ensuring ease of movement and breathability. Further enhancing this traditional staple are the tranquil colors and semi-custom fit.

Prayer Sets
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  • Powerful Bamboo Fiber

    Bamboo is a powerhouse fiber with potent benefits, including exceptional breathability, hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking properties to keep you fresh and comfortable, even in the warmest settings.

  • Semi-custom Fit

    It's not everyday you find a great fitting prayer set. Choose between two sizes tailored to adorn you in beautiful form and coverage. The best part? The headpiece includes a clever elastic band under the chin for a fuss-free fit each time you slip it on.

  • Simplicity Meets Elegance

    The beautiful detail of the satin piping adds elegance to the buttery softness of the bamboo fabric. With an airy cotton-like feel, it makes for a soothing and functional, non-slip prayer set to fulfill your needs. Enjoy the pure, neutral palette and the meticulous, clean finish of every stitch inside and out.