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Our Perfect Satin is a medium-thick, fully opaque fabric with a brilliant shine that’s perfect for formal looks or everyday glam. It’s easy to care for, machine washable, resists wrinkles, and its smooth surface helps to protect delicate hair from friction. Because of the silky finish, we recommend wearing it with an underscarf and magnets.

Satin Hijabs
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  • Glamorous shine

    The gorgeous sheen of our satin hijabs is the perfect way to infuse some elegance into your formal occasions — or any day you're feeling a little extra ~*fancy*~.

  • No-Snag Hijab Magnets recommended

    Due to the fabric’s smooth surface, we recommend securing loosely draped styles with magnetic pins and/or an underscarf — although some styles can be worn without them.

  • Easy to care for

    This fabric is naturally wrinkle-resistant, machine washable and won’t fade or pill, keeping it looking good-as-new and making it one of the easiest possible fabrics to care for.