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Create waves of change by making an impact, one hijab at a time. Produced in partnership with Waste2Wear, our recycled chiffon hijabs are made from 7 - 8 recycled plastic bottles to help reduce our carbon footprint while giving you a more textured, beginner-friendly chiffon with a sleek, polished look that’s light and easy to wear! Each recycled chiffon comes with its own QR code explaining the origin of the waste, the environmental report of production, and how it is made.
Recycled Chiffon Hijabs
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  • Perfect for professionals

    The crisp, matte feel of our chiffon hijabs is ideal for professional wear. The sleek fabric is easy to tuck into high-neck shirts and blazers for a polished look without any added bulk.

  • No-Snag Hijab Magnets recommended

    Due to the fabric’s smooth surface, we recommend securing loosely draped styles with magnetic pins and/or an underscarf — although some styles can be worn without them.

  • Easy to care for

    This fabric is naturally wrinkle-resistant, machine washable and won’t fade or pill, keeping it looking good-as-new and making it one of the easiest possible fabrics to care for.