Gift a New Hijabi Starter Kit this Ramadan!

At the start of this Ramadan, we pledged to gift new hijabis a New Hijabi Starter Kit as a way of supporting them on their new journey. We put out a call and the submissions were overwhelming, mashallah! Almost 300 NEW hijabis reached out, so we decided to open up the opportunity to give to everyone.

In the spirit of Ramadan and giving, we invite you to gift a New Hijabi Starter Kit to someone who has recently decided to wear hijab! Just add the set below to your cart and head to checkout, and we'll take care of the rest. The kit you purchase from this page will be sent directly to a new hijabi. 

May Allah reward you ten fold for your generosity and may He grant you ease just as you are gifting ease to a new hijabi! Ramadan Kareem. ❤️