Wears Per Wash

What's the real cost of a bargain hijab?

Cheaper hijabs may seem like a bargain at the time, but how many of us have gotten a "great deal" on a hijab only to find it unwearable after a single wash? This can actually lead to you spending more, impacting the environment and contributing to the unsustainable fast fashion trend. Instead, invest in fewer, better quality items that are ethically sourced and produced, that you know will last, and will have a kinder impact on our environment.

As you can see (and have probably experienced for yourself), the bargain option is often the more expensive choice in the long run. At Haute Hijab we're on a mission to do things differently. Motivated by the Islamic principle of ihsaan, we believe you deserve better than disposable hijabs, as do the individuals who make them, and the planet we all call home.

Our goal is to make sure every Haute Hijab is a timeless, lasting piece you'll be excited to put on and feel comfortable in all day. That means using high quality materials that stand up to real life; craftsmanship that won't fall apart, and carefully selected colors that look beautiful on your skin. With proper care, a Haute Hijab will last months or years longer than inexpensive, low-quality alternatives. We're confident you'll feel the difference and get the best cost per wear from your Haute Hijabs for years to come.

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