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Hijabi of the Month December - Zobaida Falah

Posted on Dec 22, 2016
Melanie Elturk


This month's HOTM was nominated by her sister who had this to say about her, "Zobaida deserves to be recognized because she has done so many amazing things this year.  She started her own company, CURE M.  She sells health bars that contain the black seed.  She also donates a bar for every bar she sells.  More than that though, she is a person who always encourages others to go after their dreams.  No matter who she is talking to, whether it is someone she has known for years or someone she just met, she makes it a point to be empathetic and help them in anyway she can to feel empowered.  As someone who has always inspired me, I am so thrilled to see her inspiring others with her #cureyourworld campaign."

Zobaida Falah is a 25 year old social entrepreneur with a knack for creating products for consumers while giving back to society. She found her passion for business at eight years old when she made her first thousand dollars selling pencils to her third grade class. This passion grew to become the foundation of how she would live her life. When she first began working on her company CURE M, in 2013, she knew she wanted to create a product that benefited society, as well as creating sadaqa jariyah for her family and self. After working in secret for two years, the company was ready to launch to the public. She created the first all natural, no refined sugar, no preservative energy bar to include the black seed. This CURE bar is a healthy snack bar that gives back because for every bar sold, a bar is given to a person in need. The more she worked on the company, the more she found herself elevating her heart with faith and enriching her soul. She became even more compassionate to others and began constantly thinking of avenues to help those less fortunate. Her faith, Islam, has kept her humble during her highs and patient during her lows. You can read our previous guest blog post by Zobaida here.

1) When did you start wearing hijab? Tell us a little about your journey.

I started wearing the hijab at the age of fifteen. I was just entering high school and decided that the start of a new school would be a perfect time to begin wearing the hijab and learning the true purpose of covering. I recall being in eighth grade and my mother asked me when I wanted to put it on. I responded to her by saying that I was not ready because I did not understand the purpose of the hijab and the true meaning behind modesty. That summer, I spent my days researching and educating myself on the true meaning of hijab. I learned that hijab extended beyond covering my hair and body but also influenced my conduct. I had the privileged to say I wore the hijab and be a flag bearer to the sweet religion of Islam. The hijab made me a better person due to the fact that I was a walking representation of my religion. I would pick up litter off the street, assist people at the grocery store and go the extra mile to help anyone I could.  I can honestly say that I am a better person because of the decision I made ten years ago to wear the hijab.

2) You started your own company called CURE M. Tell us about your company and how it got started?

I started my company, CURE M In order to influence a transformative shift in the corporate culture. This shift is founded upon the notion that we all have something to give. Thus, it is up to us to be the CURE we want to see in the world by giving back to those less fortunate in anyway we can. I want to stand as a symbol to corporations, who are the leaders of the economic world, and portray the message that we can run profit sustainable companies while giving back the dignity to those in need. Evidence of this is my Get and Give program. What this means is that for every CURE bar the company sells, a bar is given to a person in need. I believe this is a symbol that small steps in the right direction are just the beginning of an immense impact. 

Our first product to launch is the CURE bar; an all natural, no refined sugar, no preservative snack bar that is the first energy bar of its kind to include the super food, black seed. Accompanying the black seed is a variety of super foods such as sesame seeds, honey, almonds, chia seeds, oats, and coconut oil. When creating the CURE bar, I wanted to deliver a product of substance to my customers in order to encourage healthy eating and living. This is why our products do not include gluten, GMO’s, soy or dairy.  I used inspiration from an ancient recipe my grandmother used to feed us growing up and tweaked it to transform it into a modern durable treat. Once the product and mission were complete, I launched the company to the public and found great responses to the overall mission. 

3) You have used your product to create the #cureyourworld campaign. Tell us about this campaign and the impact it has globally.  

The #CureYourWorld campaign is the company’s mission. Through this initiative, we hope to encourage and empower each individual to CURE his or her world. Since we have all been blessed in different ways, we each have something unique to give. I stand firm in the belief that no single person should give all of his means to help others. But rather, we should collaborate to deliver small, consecutive acts of giving in unison in order to impact our world. Individuals joining hands in conjunction with corporations joining the initiative of giving back to the less fortunate is the key to lessening the despair that consumes our world. 

Since launching the campaign, we have inspired millions through our Get and Give campaign to start giving back to their local communities. The company has received hundreds of thousands of emails explaining individual’s motivation to CURE their world and how they have been inspired through the company mission. We also receive messages of people who want to eat healthier thanking us for creating a product that makes nutritious snacks. It is so heart warming to read the messages people send and be able to see the impact our work is doing.

4) What is your favorite hadith of the Prophet (S) and why? 

My favorite hadith of the Prophet (S) is, “Feed the hungry, visit the sick and free the captive” as well as the hadith, “Actions depend on their intention.” These two ahadith resonate with me because it shows us how compassionate the religion of Islam is. We are reminded time and time again of the importance of giving back to the less fortunate. Furthermore, any action that you commit, if there is a good intention behind it, you will find a reward. These two hadiths remind me to constantly check and renew my intentions as well as always think of those who have not been given as much as me in this world. 

5) What is one motto you live by?

A motto I like to live by is, “Find your passion, and figure out a way to use that passion to benefit others.” There is no reward, no gift and no tangible possession greater than that of giving back. Giving back can be done beyond giving physical possessions. But also by giving compliments, sound advice, kind acts or even a smile. I encourage everyone to take the initiative to give back in anyway that you can.

6) If you could give one piece of advice to someone struggling with hijab, what would it be? 

One piece of advice I would give to someone struggling with hijab is to remember the immense reward that awaits you for your struggle. You are a flag bearer; a symbol of the most beautiful religion. Wear your hijab with pride and remember that, “After difficulty, comes ease.” Your struggle is not forgotten to Allah, and he will surely reward you. 

Do you have someone you'd like to nominate for HOTM? E-mail us at!