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Renew Your Hijab/Faith Intentions with these 6 Challenges (Just to Get You Started!)

Posted on Dec 13, 2019
Haute Hijab Staff


Since the start of December, we’ve been encouraging you to take part in our “Wear It Like You Mean It” month-long challenge, which is an interactive campaign across all our platforms where we are sharing stories, tutorials, tips and more to encourage each other to think deeply about our intentions towards our hijab, why we wear it and what it means to us.

As Melanie said in her Hijab Challenge YouTube video, “Every morning you wake up, pick out a hijab, style it as you do and walk out the door. When is the last time you took a step back and actually thought about that decision?” We are challenging you (and each other, for those of us who wear hijab at HH) to do just that. Part of this includes you taking a photo of yourself and telling us about your renewed intentions or, as Melanie says, how you have decided to “take ownership of your hijab,” using the hashtag, #likeyoumeanitHH. Five participants will be randomly chosen at the end of the month to receive three hijabs of their choice from our collection!

Melanie in the mirror

As part of this month of renewing our intentions towards our hijabs and other areas of our lives, we’ve put together a variety of other challenges you can do on your own time and in your own way, to help you in this journey of renewal. Hopefully engaging in these activities will excite you and bring some fresh clarity (if you are seeking that) to your hijab and faith life!

1. We've been working toward this since the beginning of December – this one we’d love for you to post on social media! If you haven't already, now is your moment! Join our #likeyoumeanitHH social challenge by posting a photo on Instagram with a caption explaining why you are joining the challenge and renewing your intention toward hijab.

Here’s some talking points to get you thinking, if you’re drawing a blank: Why did you start wearing hijab? Why is it important to you now? What does your hijab mean to you, and what are you most excited (or nervous) about in the coming year with regards to your hijab? Be sure to tag @hautehijab and @hhspottedclub on IG to join the challenge! If your account is private and you want to participate, then please DM your photo and caption to @hhspottedclub to be entered into the contest officially! :)

2. There is no room in your closet (or life!) for hijabs that don't bring you joy. Get rid of the old hijabs you no longer wear and decide where to donate or how you want to repurpose them. Leave your closet filled with only the hijabs that uplift you and make you feel confident and beautiful. ❤️

3. Clean out the negative energy on your social media accounts! Unfollow those who aren't uplifting you and adding positives to your world. Life is too short to allow negativity to bring you down! Take charge of who you follow and what you see in your social media feeds.


4. Engage in sadaqa and giving back! Find joy in doing something kind for others. Sadaqa (acts of charity) is such an important part of our faith and really helps us stay connection to what is important in life. You could reach out to friends or community members who are struggling, whether with chronic illness or a disability or just feeling blue, and do something small for them  give them a day off by watching their kids, have a meaningful conversation or drop off a treat.

Or, how about letting another car go ahead of you in traffic with a smile? Fill up the gas tank for your spouse or loved one without telling them! Hold the door for the person behind you. Smile brightly and thank someone! Donate to your favorite charity! There are so many things we can all do, and the satisfaction you’ll have in engaging in sadaqa for the sake of Allah will Insha’Allah will bring about good feelings!

5. Try a new hijab fabric, style or color! A big part of recommitting to hijab means spending some time focusing on your style to ensure you feel great in it. We hope you feel strong, secure and hopefully proud in your hijab, and some of that pride comes from feeling confident in the way you wear your hijab! Explore our Style Guide or style tutorials on YouTube to find something new to try! Rocking a new fabric, color or style can make your whole hijab game feel fresh and exciting! Sometimes we all need a push to try something new (check out our fresh new Deco Collection while you’re at it!)

6. Pause and take a moment for yourself today. Whether it's taking yourself out for a cup of coffee, taking a long bath, taking a few moments to breathe deeply before tackling the day or buying yourself a treat, give yourself some love today. Replenish your bucket! After all, we can't give to others what we don’t have ourselves. Self-care means so many different things to different people. The smallest thing sometimes can help.

Throughout this month, as we head into 2020, we hope you take the time to intentionally and purposefully think about your hijab and your life as a visible Muslim woman. It’s so important for all of us to do this from time to time in order to remember why this is meaningful, beautiful and important. How do you want to build on your commitment to your hijab and your faith in the coming year? What does it mean for you, to “wear it like you mean it?”

Be thoughtful and set your intentions. Have a conversation with Allah (S) and ask Him to guide you as you contemplate your hijab and faith in the coming year. We hope this helps you end 2019 with peace in your heart and a renewed intentions for 2020!