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Host a #DinnerWithYourMuslimNeighbor This Ramadan!


Posted on May 03, 2019
Haute Hijab Staff


By Bayan Fares & Noor Suleiman

We're teaming up with one of our favorite people, Amanda Saab, to continue her #DinnerWithYourMuslimNeighbor initiative throughout the month of Ramadan! Its original purpose is to host an interfaith dinner and have an open dialogue with non-Muslim friends and neighbors about Islam, which is increasingly important now when Islamophobia is seemingly at an all-time high. Cultivating dialogue and friendships is especially needed in the aftermath of the shootings we've had of late in various houses of worship.

Simply put, it's HARD to hate someone once you get to know them, but it's easier to hate them when you stay away. We can all take part in bridging the gaps, one dinner/iftar at a time! Feeding and extending hospitality to our neighbors and community members is also an important part of Islam:. 

Abu Dharr (R.A) narrates that the Holy Prophet (saw) said to him:

“O Abu Dharr! Whenever you prepare a broth, put plenty of water in it, and give some of it to your neighbors.” (Muslim)

For Ramadan, we're adding an extra, (and equally much-needed) facet to #DinnerWithYourMuslimNeighbor and are encouraging each of us to look within our own Muslim communities and extend a hand to those who might not have anyone to spend Ramadan with – like new converts for example. It's a beautiful way to embrace our fellow brothers and sisters to help them feel more grounded in our Muslim communities. 

We hope that you'll host your own #DinnerWithYourMuslimNeighbor and create open, intentional spaces for dialogue and the sharing of cultures and faiths over a common factor we all have: the love of sharing a great meal with great people. 

We'd love to see your #DinnerWithYourMuslimNeighbor! Share pictures and videos with us, and tag us @HauteHijab and Amanda Saab on social media! You can also email us your stories and pics at Throughout the month of Ramadan, we'll be sharing your stories on all of our platforms including here on the blog! 

P.S. - Check out Amanda's 7 Tips For Hosting a Dinner Party for some great tips!

See you soon! ;) Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Kareem! Happy Ramadan!