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One Top, Five Looks: Introducing the Silk Collar Ruffle Top

Posted on April 02, 2013

1) Under a Sweater, Collar Out

This is the look I'm most excited about with the Silk Collar Ruffle Top. When I was younger I had a doll with a ruffle collar similar to this top and I've looked high and low for something just like it. Like most of the pieces I create, when I can't find it, I make it! I can't wait to rock this look with all kinds of sweaters and crew-neck tops to add an effortless but extra-special detail! (Polka-dot Haute Hijab coming soon!)



2) Under a Blazer

This is definitely my 2nd favorite look and I'll be reaching for this top time and again when I wear blazers. I've always loved the sleekness of all white and this limited edition vintage-look hijab was the perfect complement! (Coming soon!)



3) Under a Blazer, Collar Tucked-in

This blazer look is slightly different than the look above in that I did not let the ruffle collar come out and instead let the front pop out with a bit of adjusting. It adds an extra detail that's subtle but statement-making at the same time. Here I'm wearing the Raspberry Truffle Haute Hijab.

4) Under a Dress

For this look, I layered the Silk Ruffle Collar Top under a dress and instead of letting both layers of the collar come out, I let only the first tier of lace peek through for an extra touch of luxe to this already detailed dress!



5) Under a Cardigan

This is the look I'll probably be wearing most often, since I have way too many long cardigans and it's easy to put together when on the go. I'm wearing the Papyrus Scroll Scarf, also available as a wrap!



How will you work the new Silk Ruffle Collar Top? Remember, we offer free expert style advice. Feel free to contact us at anytime with your fashion inquiries!



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