Let a Hijabi Dream - Guest Blog post by Maliyah Basri

Posted on Jan 29, 2013
Guest Contributor


Our latest guest blog post comes from Maliyah Basri of Birmingham, England. She's a 19 year-old student at the University of Worcester in addition to being a mehndi/henna artist. You can view her work (or get your mehndi done!) by visiting her facebook page! She writes about hijabi empowerment and has a great message for Muslim women everywhere!

You do not become inferior, to those who think they are superior, because of your exterior. The rendition of beauty continuously changes. Choosing to reject society’s beauty game is exercising a choice that you are absolutely entitled to. Being known for the person you are by your character and distinctive traits is an honour. Choosing to be a hijabi is a great form of rebellion since you are a woman who disagrees with the media's notions of beauty.

As hijabis, we manage to hold the strength needed to overcome the doctrines of society, but we may sometimes feel disheartened by the pressure that is put onto us. This may be from the media, society or sometimes it can even come from friends or family. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that we cannot accomplish the great things we had once dreamed of. We might feel incapable, ineligible or incompetent. This feeling of helplessness can sometimes be overpowering and lead us to ruin our hopes.

We should never allow the discouragement and disbelief of others dampen our chances of success. Striving for the ultimate achievement should be our goal. Remember, this can be accomplished through modesty and chastity. We are hijabis and just like anyone else we should be treated with respect, honour and dignity. Our aim should not be to be better than anyone, rather, to try and succeed by being honest to ourselves.

Calmness will nourish the seeds of your perseverance and the fruit of your patience will grow abundantly. Your diligence will shine and you may even become a prime example for others. Never underestimate yourself or let anyone belittle you. As a hijabi, you already hold the self-respect that will help you fulfill your potential, but you also need to know that what you want can be attained. Don’t limit yourself and start believing there are destinations that are most definitely reachable. 

Ambition is a great thing and knowing that it is within the realm of possibility is something you should be proud to say you know. Of course, new and wonderful things may not come into existence as soon as you develop this new understanding. Therefore, taking baby steps and developing consistency in your field of work will allow you to eventually obtain what you wished for.

Stepping into the big world might seem daunting but you should know that you are one of a kind. You are your own person but you have sisters who are in the same position as you. You are not alone but you are free. You are independent but there is always a helping hand. Keep your faith strong and watch yourself go to lengths that you had never imagined before. 

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