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7 Go-To Hijab Colors that Aren't Beige - the Alternative Neutrals!

Posted on Jun 19, 2019
Erin Smith


One only has to take a passing glance at “hijabi Instagram” to know that, when it comes to the hijab color of choice, neutrals like blush, mink and taupe reign supreme. I love neutrals as much as anyone – they go with most everything and can be incredibly sleek and flattering – but when your product photographer lovingly refers to your company as “Fifty Shades of Beige” ... you know it’s time to mix things up!

So without further ado, here is my list of go-to, must-have, wear-anytime hijab colors that aren’t beige! Call them the Alternative Neutrals!

Sapphire hijab

1. Jewel-like blues. There’s nothing like a bold blue hue to add a royal touch to your look, and there are so many to choose from that you’re sure to find one (or more!) that works for your skin tone. They’re versatile to style, too – pair them with a striped tee and cargo pants for casual Friday or top off a sweeping maxi dress for extra regal vibes. Try our viscose in Sapphire with a pale blue or white cotton blouse, breezy chiffon in Blue Violet or Sapphire, or the stunning modal in Azure with other brights like sunny yellow or coral for a summer look that pops.

red hijab

2. Classic red. Hot take: Red. Is. A. Neutral. Hear me out, okay? It’s bright, it’s beautiful, and it instantly adds a pop of color to a more understated outfit. Melanie often refers to her red hijab as her “power hijab,” and it couldn’t be more true – there’s just something about this bold color that brings out inner confidence, which is why it makes me sad that many people seem to be intimidated by wearing it.

Just like red lipstick, the key is to find a shade that suits your undertones. If you have cool skin, look for reds that have *just* a hint of purple, like our chiffon in Lipstick Red or viscose in Amaryllis – whereas warmer tones shine in reds with a touch of yellow or orange, like our chiffon in Scarlet or Crimson. True neutral reds like our georgette in Fire Engine Red work on anyone, and if you have neutral undertones, congrats – you’ll look great in any shade!

Golden yellow hijab

3. Golden yellow. Even in more casual fabrics, the richness of an amber or goldenrod-type shade is an instant outfit elevator! Best part? They work beautifully in any season! My favorites right now are the jersey in Dark Honey and the georgette in Golden Ochre. I know yellow may seem like a no-go depending on your skin tone, but get this: it does work especially well on warm skin tones as well as medium to dark shades. If you’re both light and cool, you might want to choose a version of yellow with a little more pink in it, like our viscose in Buttercup! That slight pink undertone can make all the difference!

grey hijab

4. Shades of grey. Infinitely versatile and chic, grey is basically beige’s lowkey sibling who really deserves more attention! Maybe it doesn’t get as much love as its taupey counterparts, but it’s incredibly flattering and goes with literally everything! If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll LOVE shades like Graphite (shop here in jersey and chiffon) that have that touch of blue to them. Warm skin tones may gravitate more towards grey shades with some purple and brown undertones like Pewter (available in jersey and modal). That said, grey is itself such a neutral shade that the different tones are pretty forgiving, so don’t shy away from Dove Grey if you’re a warm skin tone or Pewter if you’re on the cool side – they really are everyone’s BFF.

Dusty Lavendar hijab


5. Pale purple. Fresh and feminine, this color radiates softness and beauty in any season, and it’s surprisingly versatile! Many women tend to stay away from pastels because these can have a wash-out effect if they’re not the right shade. If this is a concern, the key is to choose a slightly muted version rather than a saturated pastel – think jersey in Dusty Lavender (see how stunning it looks on all three skin tones?), Wisteria in modal or Dusty Lilac for a chiffon option. Basically if it says “Dusty” in the name, you’re probably good to go. ;)

Dusty Olive hijab

6. Olive green. If you don’t have this in your hijab wardrobe, you’re missing out! Melanie has talked a lot about it, and she’s definitely on to something – olive green is a must-have color that looks magically good on anyone. You can easily pair it with jeans and a striped tee or chunky sweater for a casual day or dress it up with long skirts and silky tops in shades of ivory, taupe, black… so many choices! Between our Dark Olive jersey, Thyme modal or viscose in Olive, not to mention these Loden Green and Thyme options available now in solid chiffon, we’ve got you covered.

white hijab

7. Crisp white. Summer whites … winter whites ... I’m sensing a trend here! The truth is you can wear white at any time of the year, and you’ll always look fresh. Picture a chambray maxi dress with a clean white underscarf and hijab to match – is there anything more perfect for summer? Warm skin tones may prefer ivory shades that have a touch of pink or yellow to them, whereas cool skin tones sparkle in bright white. That being said, they’re both classics that can suit anyone, so try them both and see what you prefer! We have ample options in all fabrics – for Ivory, choose between georgette, viscose, modal and jersey – and don’t miss our jersey, georgette, viscose, modal and chiffon in White.

And that’s a wrap! See what I did there? :) While our classic neutrals may forever be our go-tos, that’s no reason to limit ourselves to just a few colors. Enjoy the process of experimenting and expressing yourself through different shades with these alternative everyday suggestions – you never know, you might find your own new personal go-to!

What’s your favorite hijab color that isn’t beige? Let us know in the comments!