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HH Style Guide: How to Work Brooches with Hijab!

Posted on Oct 27, 2012
Melanie Elturk


Recently we received a question from one of our favorite people, Sarah J. from New York City. She writes, "Any chance you could do a tutorial/post on hijabs with brooches??" Absolutely Sarah! Here are the looks we came up with using Instagram @hautehijab!

The brooch on the collar looks great when wearing a crew-neck sweater to snazz up this professional look. Since the shirt needs to be buttoned up to the top, be sure to wear a thin or smaller hijab to ensure comfort around your neck. This look also looks great with a choker necklace tucked under the collar. 

If you're someone who likes to tie your scarf in a cute bow, (tutorial for the bow-look here) try attaching a brooch to the knot of the bow! To ensure the knot doesn't come undone, pin the two pieces of the knot together with a safety pin before attaching the brooch. 


This look is a little more complicated. I used a black ribbon and strung the brooch through the ribbon (see below). Next, I wore a black undercap and tied the ribbon to the edge of the undercap and tied the ribbon under my chin. You can let the brooch sit off to the side, or right in the middle if you're feeling bold!

Then, I used the HH Luxe Emerald Casablanca Scarf (a wrap will also do) and using the edge, I brought it close to my forehead, leaving a couple inches of undercap showing and pinned it under my chin with one side longer than the other. Next I wrapped the scarf around my head like you would a rectangle hijab and pinned it as necessary at the top of my head and around my neck. For the look above, I attached another brooch just below the first one to give it extra sparkle! 


This look is perfect when you want to jazz up a simple hijab! Simply attach a brooch to your scarf at the neck (I like to put it a little off to the side). Be sure to secure a lot of fabric with the brooch to ensure it stays in place. Easy and gorgeous!



For this look I used a long brooch attached to the same ribbon above and an actual headband. I used a pashmina and wrapped it around my forehead and pinned it to the back of my neck so the front of my neck is exposed. (You'll need one side longer than the other for this look). At this point, you'll attach the headband or ribbon (or both!) and pin them in place if necessary. Next, take the shorter end of the wrap and drape it around your exposed neck to cover it fully and secure it with another pin. Then, take the longer side and wrap it around your head onto the other side and let if flow naturally. If some of your neck is still exposed, be sure to pin the scarf until it's fully covered. I let the ends of the ribbon (that were tied under my chin) fall naturally and peek out under my scarf!

Would you wear these looks? Have other brooch idea's? Share them below or e-mail us at!