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Introducing our Newest 'It Girl' - Hoda Abrahim!

Posted on Jul 04, 2015
Guest Contributor


Salaam everyone! I'm Hoda, also known as Hoodz to those that are close to me. Im super excited to be connecting with you all as the new “It Girl” but first, id like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born and have lived in Cary, North Carolina my entire life. I am of Egyptian and Turkish Decent (baba claims he is half Turkish, so we throw that in to sound cool haha.) I am currently obtaining my bachelors degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition, and hope to carry on to get a Masters in public health and to be a registered dietician inshallah. Im very passionate about mental and physical health and hope to use this knowledge to better myself and inshallah to assist others in reaching their health goals.

I am SO stoked to be joining the Haute Hijab team, I have always loved and admired what this brand embodies. It stretches beyond modest clothing; it’s a community of women looking to each other for support and advice and I hope I can contribute to this movement in a way that can benefit you all. When Melanie approached me about this I was thrilled because I will have the opportunity to use the Haute Hijab blog as a platform to reach out to Muslim women that I believe are all searching for the same thing, and that is unity. I have made it my personal mission to try and empower all the women around me. I think it is so important that we help each other rise up against adversity, and that we are encouraging positive and nourishing dialogue amongst one another. The roll that a hijabi plays in America has become increasingly difficult. I firmly believe that with a team of equally strong and motivated women supporting you, the burden feels a little bit lighter, and that we can tackle anything this dunya throws at us, so long as we do it together.

If I had to describe my style I would say its pretty “girly.” I dress in a lot of floral prints and love to wear skirts and dresses. Im not too edgy when it comes to my clothing- but my biggest priority when deciding what to wear always boils down to comfort. You will rarely see me in really high heels- mostly because I look like a buffoon trying to walk in them lol. I'm into sports and am always pretty active and moving around, so I like to have a lot of mobility in what I wear. I always search for articles of clothing that require minimal layering. The North Carolina heat and humidity can be very unforgiving, so I prefer to keep my outfiits simple and light. My sister has probably been the biggest influence on my sense of style…I'd probably be rocking my adidas soccer pants and T-shirts every day if she hadn’t stepped in haha. Although, that is my weekend getup of choice…and maybe some weekdays…or everyday ;)

I hope this gives you guys a small idea of what I am about, and I can’t wait to show you more inshallah! I pray that I can be a positive addition to the Haute Hijab team and I look forward to using my new resources in the best way that I can. This is about more than clothing to me, if I can touch just one of your lives, then I will feel I have accomplished something. May Allah swt unite us in the best of ways and keep the bond of sisterhood alive and thriving. Mwah XOXO, Hoda

Be sure to stay updated with our new 'It Girl' Hoda on Instagram @hautehijab!