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10 Things About Me - Melanie of Haute Hijab!

Posted on Feb 23, 2014
Melanie Elturk


I had a lot of fun with this blog standard, originally posted on Instagram. Read 10 Fun Things About Me below!

1) I could eat Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Honey Roasted or Almonds pleaseeeeee. Get outta here dried strawberries.

2) I secretly wish I was alive during the 60's.

3) Bet money I can beat you in spades.

4) I LOVE TO DANCE. I dance in my room in front of the mirror 3-5 times a week.

5) One thing I can't stand is when people BS. I will call you out. You will most likely feel like an idiot.

6) I was named after a folk singer from the 70's. My parents were hippies.

7) I love vintage and thrift store shopping. My first purchase was an 80's dress I made into a skirt from Salvation Army in 9th grade. It had sequins and beads and it was awesome.

8) In college I was a finalist in our universities' version of American Idol and sang Mariah Carey's Vision of Love during the finals. Wrong song choice - what was I thinking?

9) In high school I was voted 'Best Dressed' and 'Class Clown' - not bad for a hijabi!

10) I am drawn to confident women who are secure with themselves even if they're blunt or authoritative - I'd take that over insecure any day.

11) I know I said 10 things, calm down! I renew my intention with Haute Hijab at least ten times a day. It's so easy to get caught up but at the end of the day my aim is to try and please Allah (S).