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10 Gifts and Ways to Pamper Your BFF

Posted on Feb 14, 2019
Noor Suleiman


Love your best friend? Show her some love by sending a little something her way!

In the spirit of friendship and sisterhood - which we believe is one of the strongest bonds - and in the spirit of the prophetic tradition of gift giving, we've compiled 10 gift ideas to send and uplift your BFF to thank her for being an irreplaceable force of love and happiness in your life. 

1. Give the gift of Haute Hijab.

Jersey hijab

There are tons of options to choose from! Gift her an HH collector set, a luxurious silk hijab, that underscarf she’s been eyeing, a fun print that matches her personality, or a must-have HH jersey hijab! Can’t decide? Send her a gift card! Whatever you choose, you simply can’t go wrong with the gift of Haute Hijab. 

Pro tip: you can add a gift box to any order upon checkout, and your hijab will be delivered in a chic black and white HH gift box with our signature wrapping paper. One of my favorite gifts I've received after I had my daughter this past fall was an Haute Hijab gift box with a fun floral print hijab + a matching baby outfit inside. Shoutout to Reema for the *cutest* idea EVER! 

2. A self-care date.

Get her a massage, facial or mani/pedi package. Sometimes we women are the worst at self-care, so this is probably much needed. If she has kids, volunteer to watch them while she goes. Sometimes giving the gift of a break is just what your friend needs! Best of all, a quick search on Groupon will find you many deals that won’t break the bank.

3. Send her lunch.

Food is the new flowers. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be happy about this one ;) Show your bff some love by sending her some lunch with a fun little note letting her know she’s the best. Guaranteed this will make her day and put an enormous smile on her face!

4. Offer her an adventure.

Who doesn’t love the thrill of an adventure? Go on a hike, have some fun at an archery range, go horseback riding, ice skating, try aerial yoga (and get some good laughs watching each other do it) ... the options are endless! Making fun memories together doesn’t have to stop once you become adults. That’s when you need it most anyway ;)

5. A book that hits the spot.

Send her a book you know she'd love. Is she into fiction? Self-help? Cooking? Find something that suits her interests and send it over! If she has multiple reading interests and you don't know what to pick, try an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card, or give her a gift card to a local independent book store! Better yet, take her on a book-shopping date!

6. Help her kickstart her passion project

Has she mentioned she wanted to get back into drawing or painting? Send her some art supplies to help her kickstart her passion project! That might be the nudge she needs! Does she want to start working out? Maybe send her a pretty yoga mat ... you get the jist!

7. A personalized care package

Get your bestie something she needs! Perhaps she’s overwhelmed and can’t keep up with the house - gift her a day of housework help or better yet, a cleaning service! Is she a new mom? Send her a basket full of goodies to munch on while she breastfeeds. She’s not feeling well? Send her some warm hearty soup to help her feel better. Big interview coming up? Help her find her power suit and give her a pep talk. Is she raising and caring for a chronically ill child or a disabled loved one? Offer to come over and help so she can get some rest, or just ask her what she needs to be done, and then do it for her.

8. A cute mug or candle.

Because who doesn’t love a beautifully scented candle or a mug that makes her think of you while she drinks her morning coffee. ;)

9. Your time.

This is one of the best gifts you can give your friend, especially as you grow older and life pulls you in different directions. Always carve out time for your bff. Whether it’s to catch up over coffee or schedule a vent session, quality time spent together will strengthen your bond and increase your love for one another. Not to mention, spending time with your person is the best kind of therapy! 

10. Give her a fun makeover!

Maybe you can take her to Sephora, a department store or even a spa for a makeover. Maybe you can bring your stuff over and experiment with different looks, give her a makeover yourself. Watch her face as she sees the big reveal. The smile on her face will. be. everything. 

How do you show your best friend how much she means to you? Comment below!