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  • Green Premium Viscose Hijab
  • Green Premium Viscose Hijab

Viscose Woven Wrap - Evergreen

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Introducing our new and improved Viscose Woven Wraps in must-have colors! In a tighter weave they're stronger and more durable than ever which means less wrinkling! Their stunningly soft airy finish feels like the softest wool. You'll be amazed how versatile this wrap is as its smooth finish lends itself to endless styling possibilities! It features a *perfect* evergreen hue that will be your ultimate go-to!

When I received my order of the viscose woven wraps, I instantly fell in love with them! After trying them on, I went straight to the site to order more colors! The material is very lightweight and easy to wrap around without having a bulky effect. I was also happy that the material is very breathable and not itchy. - NoorElaine A.

I received my viscose woven wraps, and I was pleasantly surprised and pleased by the quality and sizes. I have ordered viscose wraps from other companies and have been disappointed by the quality. Quality is always a major concern of mine and I do not like when my wraps get holes in them from pinning. Haute Hijabs viscose wraps are of great quality and I had no holes when pinning and the colors were amazing! - Mia C.

I absolutely adore the viscose, they are lightweight and easy to wear without pins, which is such an important thing for me because my pins tend to ruin my hijab. As for the length, I think they're perfect cause you can use any style you want, whether you want to wrap them twice or thrice! It works out great both ways. The quality is great, better than others I've seen. - Rana F.

27" x 78"
100% Rayon
Viscose Hijabs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rokaya Hijaz R.H. Rokaya H.
5 star

Would buy again

Mariam Nakyobe M.N. Mariam N.
Perfect Viscose

Typically I never wear viscose hijabs because all my past viscose hijabs wear the flimsiest, poorest quality ever.
But these viscose scarves have quickly become my go to. So light but still with a strong weave; I'm so glad I bought these just in time for summer.
And they don' get ruined by pins!!

Shaheda Iqbal S.I. Shaheda I.
3 star

Viscose Woven Wrap - Evergreen