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Thank You Email Image Banner
Thank You Email Image Banner

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information! We are so incredibly moved by your intention to wear hijab. Niyyah (intention) is the first step in a Muslim woman’s hijab journey and we love that you’ve taken that first step already. We know how hard this decision can be. 

Remember, even if you're not ready to wear hijab in public, you can still try it in the comfort and privacy of your home. You can wear it during Salah or at any time you wish to feel closer to Allah (S). Sometimes, small acts of worship when we’re alone are the ones that give us the courage to make that big, public declaration of our faith.

Be sure to check your email for some helpful information for your hijab journey. We are sincerely grateful that you trusted us enough to share this part of your life and we hope to welcome you to the #HHFam soon! ❤️