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Our Story

Haute Hijab was born in 2010 out of a struggle familiar to many Muslim women – it was simply too hard to find comfortable, quality hijabs that made me feel confident. I couldn’t understand why such an important garment was so often treated as an afterthought. Clearly, I thought, we deserve better.

I knew that creating the kind of hijabs we needed would mean taking matters into my own hands. Inspired by the Islamic tradition of ihsaan, doing everything with beauty and excellence, I founded Haute Hijab with my co-founder Ahmed Zedan and immediately got to work. We spent months searching for the perfect fabrics to create hijabs, rigorously testing them to ensure they were breathable, comfortable, washable, durable and beautiful – everything you should expect from your hijab.

Our mission is to create a world where every woman feels comfortable and confident.

As Haute Hijab grows, we continue to elevate the experience of wearing hijab. In January 2018 we released our Luxury Collection, which was featured in media publications including Elle, Glamour, Vogue Arabia and others. We later launched our collection of Ultimate Underscarves, merging cutting-edge fabric technology with meticulous design to create an underscarf unlike any other.

“I want to say thank you for giving me the extra courage to feel comfortable to begin wearing hijab again... Thank you for providing women like me who struggled for so long to feel comfortable in hijab truly feel empowered.”

And we’re just getting started. From performance hijabs to sustainable innovations, we’re obsessed with fusing design, style and technology into the perfect hijabs for every occasion in a Muslim woman’s life. It’s not enough for us to make good hijabs; we’re determined to make the hijabs you always wished you had—or the ones you never imagined were possible.

Our Products

Your decision to wear hijab deserves to be celebrated with products that genuinely make your life easier, make you feel more comfortable and confident and allow you to express your personal style. We take immense pride in using only the highest quality materials, meticulously constructed to last.

Our Team

We’re a diverse group from various faiths and backgrounds, all passionately owning our mission of creating a world where every woman feels comfortable and confident. Guided by openness, respect, growth, creativity and fun, we work toward the belief that the customer is always at the center of what we do.

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    Melanie Elturk


  • Ingrid Thvedt

    Associate Strategy Director

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    Marketing Manager

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    Product Manager

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    Influencer Manager

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    Blog Editor

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    Merchandise Manager

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    Production Analyst

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    CRM Manager

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    Video Producer

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    CX Manager