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Our Hijabs

From our cult-favorite jersey and chic georgette, to airy viscose and printed chiffon, these hijabs are perfect for building your collection and take you seamlessly through whatever the day throws at you.

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198 Items
Browse all our hijabs in your favorite fabrics, from our most popular jersey and signature chiffon, to versatile georgette and modal. Whether you're craving something solid or printed, casual or formal – there's something here for you! Credit: Elle Magazine Halima Aden | @halima

Printed Hijabs

34 Items
Our signature chiffon in a variety of stunning prints to keep your wardrobe fresh. New, limited-edition collections drop every Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. EST, so snag your favorites before they’re gone! Credit: Hafsa | @happilyhafsa

Chiffon Hijabs

50 Items
A light, crisp fabric that’s perfect for everyday and formal wear alike. Slightly sheer but opaque when folded, it’s ideal for warm climates and creates a streamlined look with little added bulk. Credit: Leena Snoubar | @withloveleena

Jersey Hijabs

29 Items
Ours are a cult favorite in a soft, stretchy fabric with a subtle sheen of the highest quality. The breathable, medium-weight fabric works in all climates and is ideal for everyday wear and working out – no pins required. Credit: Muftiah | @muftijokomba

Georgette Hijabs

19 Items
Our georgette hijabs are slightly more textured than chiffon to keep them in place all day – even without an underscarf! Their medium weight and slight transparency makes them ideal for warm climates or anytime you need something light, yet polished. Credit: Ashwaaq Fidar | @...

Modal Maxi Hijabs

21 Items
This is BIG! And we mean, really big. If you’re looking for extra coverage and versatility, our modal maxi hijabs are perfect for you. Their large size and breathable weave makes them ideal for creative styling and an extra layer of modesty. Credit: Hakeemah Cummings | @hakee...

Silk Hijabs

9 Items
According to ancient Chinese legend, Empress Hsi Ling Shi discovered silk three thousand years ago when a cocoon fell into her teacup from an overhanging mulberry tree and began to unravel. Ever since, silk’s incredible resilience and beautiful luster have made it one of the m...

Viscose Hijabs

27 Items
A woven fabric with an airy weave and soft touch, its weight and drape allow for a variety of styling options. It can be worn all year round, but due to how light it is it's been dubbed our 'summer hijab' by the HH fam! Credit: Lauleh | @adayinthelalz

Satin Hijabs

8 Items
A medium-weight, opaque fabric with a brilliant shine perfect for formal looks. Because of the silky-smooth finish, we recommend wearing it with an underscarf to keep it in place.