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From the finest materials to best-in-class design, Haute Hijab is creating new hijab solutions every day. Each of our collections is meticulously crafted to keep you confident and ready for whatever the day has in store.

The Heritage Collection

5 Items
In the early days of Haute Hijab, Melanie spent her weekends rummaging through vintage stores, looking for hidden gems she could restore & sell as hijabs. Nearly ten years later, we infused our brand’s vintage legacy with Islamic art elements to create the Heritage Collect...

Ultimate Underscarves

3 Items
Introducing the Ultimate Underscarf - relentlessly innovative, effortlessly versatile, and unbelievably comfortable. We partnered with award-winning fabric scientists at Pyratex® to develop a textile just for us. Woven in Italy, each bamboo fiber is directly infused with skinc...

Luxury Hijabs

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No matter the event, your hijab should rise to the occasion and elevate — never impede — your outfit. In order to build a world where women have beautiful options for every occasion, we’ve designed the standard of luxury for hijab. Crafted from the finest pure silk, tulle and ...