What's Up Our Sleeves for 2017

Posted on Feb 07, 2017
Melanie Elturk


We're one month into 2017 and we are already rolling out some big New Years' resolutions for Haute Hijab! Read on to find out more of what's coming this year and be sure to check out my video below for even more details!

1) New website

We recently launched our brand new, absolutely beautiful website and we hope you're enjoying it so far! The new site features a more user-friendly layout and, most importantly, amazing new filtering capabilities. No more sorting through the whole collection looking for a specific color or print -- now you can easily sort by fabric, color, and prints/solids. This year we will continue to refine and expand filtering to focus on specific categories (think casual vs. professional) and seasons.

2) More hijabs

When we started in 2010, our vision was to build a clothing company, and it was a dream come true to design that first line. But after doing this for many years, we've realized that hijab really is our 'bread and butter' as a company. It's still so hard to find really great hijabs and we want to put our full attention towards addressing that need. To make this possible, we have consciously decided to focus only on hijabs and (for now!) step back from creating new clothing. Our goal right now -- and we're not shy about it! -- is to become the #1 worldwide hijab brand for quality, variety and service. With your help, we will become that brand.

3) Capsule collections

If you've been following us on Instagram and Snapchat, you might have noticed me spending a lot of time in the garment district. This is because this year we will be introducing some gorgeous capsule collections to put even more haute in Haute Hijab! Think super limited-edition, gorgeously embellished hijabs that you will cherish for years as go-to pieces to top off the perfect formal look or elevate a more casual ensemble. Take a sneak peek:

4) Relaunch of our loyalty program

First things first -- no more coupon codes!! With our new and improved loyalty program you can redeem your points right at checkout and choose how many points you'd like to redeem! Other features include a tiered system that includes extra freebies, bonuses and other fun stuff (styling session with yours truly, anyone?) for the most loyal of our customers. So not only will you be able to redeem your points for discounts on your orders as always, but you will have access to even more exciting surprises!

5) Meetups

One of the major factors that encouraged us to move back home to the United States was to be closer to you. Now that we're back, I want to get to know you better and make opportunities to discuss what issues you face, what you're about and what you're looking for in your hijab brand. To those die-hard 6 a.m.-every-Tuesday customers -- you know who you are -- we see you and we're coming to a city near you! ;)

Want to know more? Watch the video here:

We thrive on your feedback, so if you ever have comments or suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! Comment below or e-mail us at hello@hautehijab.com. We are so honored and excited to continue to be your brand. 

Here's to a happy 2017!