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What Kind of Work From Home Hijabi Are You?

Posted on Apr 03, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff


Like most of you, our team is quarantined at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, We are working from home and attending a plethora of zoom meetings throughout the week (while also taking care of kids, other family members and our pets. It's been fun to see each other's work from home looks – which ranged from put together to very ... um, comfortable, depending on the day and situation ;)

So ... what kind of "work from home" hijabi are YOU? 

1. The Multitasker: Managing work, family and friends in an era of social distancing is hard work, but she makes it work! When she needs to answer the door, receive a delivery or jump on a video call with two seconds' notice, she counts on her trusty Jersey hijabs to look cute in a blink. 

2. The Overachiever: She’s making the most of free online classes and working remotely without missing a beat. If it’s possible to win at quarantine, she wins — and keeps things upbeat with her favorite prints.

3. The Cozy Nester: Soup on the stove, tea in the kettle and dhikr in the background, she's a pro at cultivating a peaceful oasis amidst the bad news. To stay grounded, she reaches for her trusty Lightweight Woven Maxis – easy, soft and perfectly sized for prayer. 

4. The Prayer Hijab All Day: It's convenient, it's flowy, it's comfy ... it provides all the coverage you need for your calls, in case your at-home outfit isn't hijabi friendly. ;) Hey – beats having to change! 

5. The Hot Mess Hoodie Girl: With everything going on in the world, that's more than enough effort. So makeshift hoodie-hijab it is! We see you – you got this ;) 

6. The Homeschool Hero: Kids home from school? No sweat. She's got plenty of lesson plans, lists and tricks up her sleeve to make sure they don't miss a beat – and has her go-to chiffons at hand for any school zoom calls.

Recognize yourself? Which "work from home: hijabi are you when the situation calls for a hijab? Share in the comments below!