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YOU Define You: The HH Team Gets Candid & Answers Fun Questions

Posted on Sep 30, 2018
Noor Suleiman


In honor of our epic Viscose/Modal collection that dropped this week and the You Define You campaign that went with it, I decided to sit down with the team and ask them some fun and personal questions. Read on to get to know us better, and tell us a little something about yourself in the comments below! Remember, YOU define YOU!


What makes you, you? I am always down for a weird adventure; If I'm going to a restaurant, I'll pick the one thing on the menu that I've never heard of. I'm doing boxing now – something I've never done before. I play weird instruments, I take weird fitness classes, I like to explore and experience as much of life as possible. For example, I look awful in yellow, but I saw a yellow skirt (that Erin would call a vintage gold) and thought it works! So basically, a thirst for adventure and newness and insatiably curious.

Favorite book? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Pet Peeve? When people sniffle - JUST BLOW YOUR NOSE.

Favorite viscose color and why? The Fuchsia because it's vibrant and fun.

What's your spirit produce? Pomegranate because I can be a little guarded, and have different layers to my personality, but I'm also very vibrant.

What makes your soul happy? Music makes my soul happy! It sustains me and I don't know what I would do without it! I have been singing and playing instruments for literally my whole life. 


What makes you, you? A lot of things, because I'm a musician. I have an ear for languages, and I can tell you what note the air conditioner is humming in. That has made me a good listener, I hope. I'm very deeply interested in creativity, wherever it is. It's translated into a natural openness and curiosity that leads me to want to travel and make friends everywhere.

Quirks? When I'm changing the volume on something, it has to be an even number. Every time I have a meal, I eat every crumb on my plate, w/o exception. I never got my driver's license. In my life.

Fave book? All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Pet peeve? When people walk really slowly shoulder to shoulder and take up the sidewalk.

Spirit produce? Orange - because I can have an aloof exterior, but if you do peel it, I'm very bright and nutritious on the inside ;)

Fave viscose? Cerulean, because it reminds me of the ocean and I have always loved the ocean!

What makes your soul happy? Traveling. 


What makes you, you? I think about my identity as a black woman and a black Jamaican woman who likes to learn foreign languages (5 so far). I love art and travel, and watching things in foreign languages - anime is my fave!

Quirks? I'm obsessed with stationary and everything has to be color coordinated or I'll freak out.

Fave book/movie? Avatar.

Pet peeve? People that litter unnecessarily and people that just blatantly ignore a rule that is common practice.

Spirit produce? Pineapple - I love them, and I like that they grow in a bush and they're really sweet but also tangy. They secrete this chemical because they don't want to be eaten that makes them taste that way. I'm awesome, but when you mess with me... sizzle. ;)

Fave viscose color? Cerulean. Teal, in general, is my favorite color – it's such a fabulous accent color!

What makes your soul happy? Being around my loved ones. And food. Preferably both.


What makes you, you? I'm the first person to talk to someone new and love meeting people.  I thrive in deep friendships but grow close to people when I'm at my goofiest.  I love my Catholic faith, poetry, and can dance like a preying mantis. 

Quirks? I can’t leave a bookstore without getting a book. If I make it through the first five pages w/o putting it down, I'll buy it. I used to play this game where I'd read a sentence from one book, then another book, w/three books and I get this whole other story. And I really like worms. 

Fave book/movie? The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

Pet peeve? Lots of excessive noise. When people yell-talk when they could just be talking. Also, when people walk in front of you really slowly on the sidewalk.

Spirit produce? Pomegranate - because it looks like a cute little shell, and you open it up and there all these little beans inside that look hard but explode in my mouth and are so wonderful. 

Fave viscose color? Fuchsia - bc it's bright and exciting.

What makes your soul happy? Feeling like I accomplished something that is pushing me further towards what I want to do for the world. And singing gregorian chant. Also, riding a motorcycle, salsa dancing and flowers!


What makes you, you? I'm super random. I can mess around with people, but don't like when they mess around with me. I need a clear space to be creative. Anything that seems creative and like it will birth creativity is actually a distraction for me. I'm a loud person but I love silence.

Quirks? When I'm eating something, I don't like the different foods mixed up. For example, if there's a stew or something over rice, I want them on top of each other, not mixed up. I will always save the best bite for last.

Favorite book/movie? The Alchemist.

Pet peeve? When people touch my face, or when people are saying something about me under their breath.

Spirit produce? Rambutan. Most people don't know what it is, and most of the time people have no idea what my ethnicity is (Egyptian/Filipino). It's so interesting on the outside, and on the inside is this delicious fruit that is tangy and sweet but ends with a sweetness. It's a tropical fruit, not here from the states – even though I grew up here my whole life, I'm realizing just how fobby I am.

Favorite viscose/modal color? The Oxblood Modal - because it's vibrant but has a deep hue at the same time. It's not loud and in your face, but so beautiful.

What makes your soul happy? Food, travel, and the beach.


Makes you, you? How energetic and bubbly I am, how I always have a smile on my face and how stylish I am, no matter what, even if I'm just running to CVS.

Quirks? I can't wear my hair down. It has to be up or I get hot and agitated. I can't not have anything on my lips.

Fave book? So many, but maybe To Kill A Mockingbird

Fave movie? Fried Green Tomatoes, Braveheart, & Dumb and Dumber.

Pet peeve? Do not touch my face. I will kill you. Impoliteness, lack of manners, and when someone BS's me to my face. Also, when people in school had folders or notebooks and they never took that sticker off. Or when they keep the weird plastic packaging that comes on your phone or charger.

Spirit produce? Pineapple - it's rough around the edges but sweet on the inside and has that crazy part on the top that’s so unique.

Fave viscose color? 3 colors that are my go-to's right now: Fuschia, Auburn, and Ultraviolet

What makes your soul happy? Pure unadulterated joy, whether it's coming from laughter or being with someone I love.


What makes you, you? I’m a hugger, and I like to think that I'm very kind, although I won't hesitate to exchange some friendly/not so friendly banter with my close friends. I love to be happy, and thrive in positive emotions and relationships, and tend to be quite loud when I speak. I'm light-hearted but never afraid to get deep.

Quirks? Whenever I look at an object or sign I tend to count how many colors are in it in my head.

Fave book/movie? It's so hard to choose, but I LOVE Tyler Perry Madea movies!!!

Pet peeve? Disregard for others, whether it's with manners, time, emotions, etc. Clutter and very tight spaces.

Spirit produce? Pineapple - it stands tall, wears a crown, looks like it should just walk around with sunglasses on and be on a beach. And tastes delicious. It's yellow on the inside all sunshiney and happy. Pineapples represent happiness to me.

Fave color dropping? Cocoa and Blush. Even though I tend to gravitate to bright vibrant colors, those two are just so perfect and so rich. Something about them got me.

What makes your soul happy? I'd have to say the same exact answer as Mel here. People and relationships that put my soul at ease and make me happy. Also breathing in the air of the Middle East. If you know, you know.


What makes you, you? I'm usually the guy standing in the corner watching people. I'm really curious to understand people and their perspective and what they're trying to say and do. In general, I don't do well in crowds because I'm much more about personal connections. One on one conversations with people is where it's at!

Quirks? I haven't outgrown the "why" phase.

Favorite book/movie? Favorite movie is There Will Be Blood. Favorite book is Logic Comix: An Epic Search For Truth

Pet peeve? Fake or flakey people.

Spirit produce? The onion - layers and layers...

Favorite Viscose dropping? The Fuschia - because it's vibrant and fun.

What makes your soul happy? Being surrounded by loving people.


What makes you, you? A love for all things extra and over the top! 

Quirks? If it glitters I must have it. I also really like soggy cereal.

Favorite movie? The Whale Rider.

Pet peeve? When people are late or when they're LOUD.

Spirit produce? Dragon fruit - because it is fabulous to look at ;)

Favorite Viscose color? Ultraviolet, because it’s the most unexpected for the fall. It's definitely the biggest risk, which I love.

What makes your soul happy? FOOD. And knowing that I did something that would make God pleased with me. 

So there you have it – that's our team! We're so curious to know, what makes YOU, you? Share in the comments below!