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14 Incredible Moments in Modest Fashion and Hijab Firsts from the Last Decade

Posted on Jan 03, 2020
Guest Contributor


By Rowayda Kawji

It’s hard to believe we're in the third decade of the 2000s! The past ten years were trailblazing, transformative and historical when it came to the growth of modest fashion and hijab firsts. Many barriers were broken by women in hijab, so much so that something that was a "first" and noteworthy in the first few years of the last decade often became the norm in the last few years. When a first becomes more so the normal, you know lasting change is happening. We’ve highlighted some incredible modest fashion and hijab moments of the decade to look back on how far our community has come as we get ready to push even further in the next ten years!

What moments have we missed? (We’re sure there were a few!) Let us know in the comments below!