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Then and Now – How Our Hijab Styles (and Confidence) Evolved Over Time

Posted on Jan 14, 2020
Dilshad Ali


Whether you've worn hijab for a few years or for what seems like a lifetime, chances are your hijab style has evolved. Maybe you started out wearing squares or one-piece hijabs. Maybe you had trouble finding good hijabs and picked up whatever you could from department stores, overseas or from Muslim conventions. Maybe you took pashmina shawls and wrapped those.

However you wrapped your hijab "back then," hijabs and hijab styles have changed as well as our confidence and conviction with how we wear our hijab. With 2020 being a year-long celebration of Haute Hijab's 10th anniversary, I asked five of our team members how their hijab game has evolved with time. You'll love what they have to say, and you'll even more love their "then and now" photos! ("Then" on the left and "Now" on the right!) 😃

Share your hijab style "then and now" below in the comments!