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The Overwhelmed Muslimah's Guide to the Easiest Ramadan Decoration Hack!

Posted on Apr 30, 2020
Guest Contributor


By Mona Hameed

Ramadan is HERE! There is so much I wanted to get done before this holy month began.

If you're anything like me, you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now. You are constantly juggling some combination of taking care of your family, working from home, reading the news, cleaning up with everyone home, homeschooling your kids (or supervising their distance learning) and constantly cooking though we’re fasting. (Why does it feel like we’re cooking MORE?) Add to that list: Worrying and praying for your loved ones, doing more ibadah (worship) and wanting to make this Ramadan more special, with so many of us in quarantine. (No pressure, though!)

Mona Hameed

Mona Hameed, creator of Modern Muslim Home.

This is where you stop. We cannot do all of the things, all of the time. It's just not possible, and it's not healthy to put that kind of pressure on yourself. It's okay if there are 20 things you're behind on. It's okay if you feel like you're failing in X, Y and also Z. There is a major health crisis happening in the world right now, and you're allowed to be less than amazing.

It's okay to just try your best, and leave it at that.

I run an Islamic home decor company, Modern Muslim Home. I’m seeing two types of posts on social media from many Muslim women right now: either amazingly beautiful Ramadan setups, or people asking how *they* can create amazingly beautiful Ramadan setups for their own families. For those of us feeling overwhelmed right now, what are some ways we do this in an easy way that doesn’t add pressure and feed into the myth of the so-called "superwoman" or "supermom?"

My solution? Ramadan Decor Printables.

I spent many, many long nights creating what I think is stunning, festive Ramadan decor. Then I made it so you can have it up in your own home within just a few minutes. Simply download, print and frame. Use them to remind yourself and your loved ones what Ramadan is all about.

This might be the only thing you do for Ramadan decor. Or it might be what you add to the decor you already have. Or you might not do *anything* at all. Either way, you're good. Enjoy Ramadan for it's true purpose: Rekindling a connection between you and your Lord.

Modern Muslim Home

You just try your best, and leave it at that! You're doing great.

Here are five Muslim-owned companies providing beautiful Ramadan decor printables to make your month a little more special this year.

1. Modern Muslim Home 

2. Inspiration by Hina 

3. Ramadany 

4. Jasmine + Marigold 

5. Tay Designs 

With just a printer and a simple frame, or by mounting your printed art on some colored paper, you can have some easy decorations to place around your home!

What are some of your favorite Ramadan or Islam-related printables? Share in the comments below!

Mona Hameed is a mother of three young children and the co-founder of Modern Muslim Home, an Islamic home decor company made especially with English-speaking Muslims in mind.