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The Great HH Treasure Hunt is BACK - 10th Anniversary Edition! Play to Win!

Posted on Mar 26, 2020
Noor Suleiman


If you haven't already heard, this year marks Haute Hijab's 10th Anniversary, and we're celebrating BIG with something fun every single month! To check out our calendar of events for the year, our documentary, a timeline of events and more, head over to our 10th Anniversary Page

Are you ready to play The Great HH Treasure Hunt again? We're bringing back your favorite game – 10th Anniversary style! ;)


What: It's a fun collection of Trivia Questions about HH to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. You can find the answers by digging through our website! 🔍


Grand Prize: One lucky winner will win ALL of the following: 

1. Build your own power hijab collection (includes ALL  of the following):

  • Five Everyday Hijabs (includes your choice of Prints, Chiffons, Jerseys, Wovens & Satins)
  • One HH Underscarf (of your choice)
  • One Shaping Scrunchie (of your choice)
  • One Premium Hijab (choose from the Silk, Deco or Heritage Collections)

2. FIVE HH Tote Bags (one for you, and four to gift to friends – how sweet is that?!)

3. An exclusive 1:1 personal styling session with us!

Runners Up: The next 20 winners will receive a free HH tote bag of their choice! 

*Winners will be chosen at random. 


When: Friday, March 27 through Sunday, March 29, 2020. 

Where: Here, on our HH website! 


To play, find the answers to the following trivia questions. The game is split across two days; we're dropping the first set of questions Friday, and the second set on Saturday! You'll have until Sunday to submit your answers though! 

TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN (in addition to completing the treasure hunt):

Day One Questions: 

1. What month and year was HH founded? 
2. Whose idea was it to start Haute Hijab?
3. What is the hashtag for our Jersey hijabs?
4. When did Melanie and Ahmed move to NYC to work on HH full time? (Month and Year)
5. Where is our factory located?
6. What was Haute Hijab's first product? 
7. Can you name our best-selling jersey color?
8. What are the properties of the special fabric that our Classic and Criss-Cross underscarves made out of?
9. Which hijabs work great without pins?
10. What are the foundations of a good hijab day?
11. Bonus #1: What is Haute Hijab's mission? 
12. Bonus #2: What is the tagline we used for our Pyratex Underscarves? 


    Day Two Questions: 

    1. Can you name every hijab in our Heritage Collection? (5 total)

    2. What was the inspiration behind the design for 'The Modern' hijab in our Heritage Collection?

    3. When was our Luxury Collection Released? (Month and Year)

    4. What is the name of the hijab style Melanie usually wears?

    5. When do we drop our new releases? Hint: same day/time every week EST!

    6. How many points do you get just for signing up for our Community Rewards program?

    7. Take the hijabi quiz. What kind of hijabi are you? Bonus if you share your results on social ;)

    8. When did we host our first online treasure hunt? Who was the winner?

    9. Bonus #1: What is your favorite Haute Hijab collection to date?

    10. Bonus #2: What is your favorite print currently on the website?


    It's Saturday (or Sunday), and you found the answers! Now what?

    Click here. It will take you to a page where you can submit your answers and some information. That's it!

    The winners will be chosen randomly on Monday, March 30. Winners will be emailed, and we'll also announce the winners here on our blog and on our Instagram!

    ONE winner will receive the grand prize, and 20 winners will win an HH Tote Bag. Remember, you have until midnight on Sunday, March 29 (12 a.m. EST) to submit your answers.

        Good luck, and happy treasure hunting!!