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The Essentials of Your Hijab Style are Here with Our Foundations Set!

Posted on Feb 06, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff


If you’re new to hijab or not familiar with wearing one, you may think it’s a matter of wrapping one around your head (and truth be told, sometimes it is just that easy). But we know, we KNOW, that like with most anything, you need a little bit of skill, practice and most importantly, the right building blocks for a beautiful, secure and comfortable hijab style.

All month long on the blog we’ve been talking about the foundations of our lives – the foundations for a strong marriage, a morning routine steeped in faith practices, apps and gadgets to help keep you organized, low-tech practices to ground yourself, founders and leaders in business and nonprofit work whom we can emulate, the foundations of our faith (the five pillars of Islam) and more. Solidifying these strong bases and practices can help us learn, grow and achieve whatever it is we are working towards.

Haute Hijab Foundations Set

When it comes to your hijab, it’s no different! Who doesn’t want to look polished and nice in their hijab when they leave their home? And, feel confident and strong? Here at Haute Hijab, we are committed to providing you with all the foundations to achieve your hijab style, and now we have it all put together for you!

Introducing our Foundations Set!

What’s inside our new Foundations Set? Everything you need to wear your hijab comfortably and confidently! Each set includes a curated collection of essential hijab accessories: a Shaping Scrunchie (to keep your hair tied up into a nice bun shape), our new No-Snag Hijab Magnets (to help secure your hijab under your chin and save it from snags and pin holes!) and our Barely There Underscarf (to keep all your hair secure without feeling heavy or tight on your head)!

The best part? Purchasing this Foundations Set instead of these essential accessories separately saves you $5! Let’s break it down a little further:

Foundations Set

Shaping Scrunchie

If you've ever struggled to achieve that perfectly rounded shape underneath your hijab (honestly, who hasn't?!), our Shaping Scrunchie is about to change your life – or at least your morning routine. When you purchase our new Foundations Set, you get to choose between sizes Small and Large. Small is recommended for ladies with thick or long hair, and Large is recommended for those with short or thin hair (or anyone who'd like a little volume boost!).

Barely There Underscarf

After you've secured your hair in place with your new Shaping Scrunchie, you're ready for the next step: the underscarf! But not just any underscarf. We're talking about our light-as-air Barely There Underscarf  a design that provides the security you need, but with a breathability you've never felt before. When you get the Foundations Set, you can choose between three of our most versatile colors: Buff, Carmel and Cocoa.

No-Snag Hijab Magnets

Forget safety pins – secure your style with our No-Snag Hijab Magnets! We really did our research when designing these magnets. Not only are they strong enough to hold any HH fabric in place all day long (yes, even multiple layers of Jersey!), but they're also super tiny, lightweight and won't damage even your most delicate fabrics.

What a beautiful gift to give to a new hijabi or anyone who needs these foundational accessories! Or, in the words of Donna from Parks and Rec, treat yo self!