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Momina's Sweet 16 Birthday Surprise in New Jersey!

Posted on Oct 22, 2016
Melanie Elturk


Earlier this month, I attended an event in New Jersey where I was approached by a woman who told me her daughter Momina was a huge fan and would be turning sixteen soon! Her mother requested I surprise Momina at her sweet sixteen birthday party. While this is something I've never done, I was excited to do it and couldn't pass it up!  

On October 15th, I ventured out to Piscataway, New Jersey. As I arrived at her door, the excitement bubbled within me and I was also a little nervous! What if she actually didn't know who I was and her mom just wanted me to be there to talk to her daughter and friends about hijab!?! I rang the bell, walked in and Momina's face was *priceless!*

Momina was so surprised! It totally made my day to see how excited she and her friends were! (Ok, there were like 2 other people who knew who I was haha) I sat down with them, talked to them about being sixteen, in high-school and how important it is to know ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses in order to cultivate a true sense of self and confidence - something our young girls struggle with so much! 

I absolutely *loved* surprising Momina and connecting with these amazing girls <3 Enjoy this video with footage of the party as well as behind the scenes from HijabFest also in Jersey last month!

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