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Staycation For Vacation: 10 Ideas For A Magical Summer at Home


Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Noor Suleiman


Pictured: Premium Jersey Hijab in Watermelon

Summer time calls for adventures, vacations, beaches, and ice cold drinks by the pool! Can't go on a dreamy vacation this year? Don't fret! You can still make the most of your summer! Here are some fun staycation ideas to bring the vacation to your home! 

Bonus: Make your staycation fun AND stylish with Melanie's fun hijab styles and hijab outfit ideas to go with each of our Jersey Summer Brights hijabs :) 

Pictured: Premium Jersey Wrap in Cherry

1. Send your kids to your parents or in-laws. You deserve the break. After all, they're home ALL. SUMMER. Go out with your friends, enjoy some me-time, or go on a date with your hubs! 

2. Drink a fancy lemonade. Or whatever tropical juice/drink you love! Make it fancy by blending it with some ice, lining your glass rim with some sugar, and slapping on a slice of fruit. Throw some sunglasses on, drink with a straw and enjoy. Mmmmm.

3. Play with water. Summertime splashes are the best. They're not only refreshing but feel like an instant vacation. If you're lucky enough to have a pool, USE IT! If you have a backyard, install a sprinkler system and get down with the kids! If you crave some glamour, run a nice calming spa bath in your tub (see idea #1).

Pictured: Premium Jersey Wrap in Tangerine

4. Camp out in your backyard - or living room! S'mores can be made on a firepit AND indoors. So whether you have your own outdoor space at home or not, enjoy camping with family or friends! Tell spooky stories, play a game, watch a movie, or all three! 

5. Have ice cream sundaes for dinner. Summertime means no rules, okay? We won't tell if you don't! Plus, ice cream has milk. And sundaes have fruit. That's healthy, right?!

6. Enjoy the great outdoors! Go for a walk, sit outside and read, cook outside (did someone say BBQ??). Really, the possibilities are endless. As much as you can live outdoors, do! 

Pictured: Premium Jersey Wrap in Lemonade

7. Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon! Does anything scream summer more than a slice of juicy watermelon???

8. Hang a hammock and read a book. It's finally time to curl up and read that book you've been eyeing. Turn on a fan and grab a drink for a bonus island breeze vibe! 

9. Add colorful blooms to your home. Who said fresh flowers were for occasions only? Get some fun colorful flowers and put them...everywhere! Your home will feel like a hotel. 

Pictured: Premium Jersey Wrap in Carribean Sea

10. Install a fan and let your Jersey Brights hijab billow in the [artificial] wind. Then send us a picture of you doing this for a chance to be featured in our #HHSpottedClub Staycation Edition!

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How do you staycation for vacation? Share in the comments below!