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Secret Weapons That Will Take Your Outfit To The Next Level

Posted on Nov 11, 2017
Melanie Elturk


This post is going to be a GAME CHANGER for your wardrobe! While it's so fun to experiment and go bold with your clothes, let's be real, most days we're in our causal everyday wear. Here are some secret weapon pieces that will help you take your basic outfits to the next level - with minimal effort, so you can still get out the door with time to spare!

Look flawless every day. Thank me later ;) xoxo, Mel

1. Faux Statement Sleeves

Add a statement sleeve to any outfit, without the hassle of layering or buying a whole new shirt. Sleeves are all the rage this year, and nothing screams put together more than a little bell sleeve peeking through your sleeves. Add some ribbon or lace to them, and you need little to nothing else to turn your outfit from drab to fab! 

2. Detachable Collars 

Another trend making waves this year (and one that we were way ahead of the curve on with our own design) is the detachable collar. A collar screams professional, but can also be played up with some beading and embroidery for a fun look! Don't want to layer a collared shirt under your clothes? Try a detachable collar bib you can snap on under any shirt or sweater! Check out my tutorial on my signature hijab style - which is super professional and works so well with collars!   


3. Statement Capes 

This is one of those accessories meant to make a statement and can be worn over any everyday outfit to instantly elevate your ensemble! Have a formal event to attend and can't find a decent outfit? Just wear something simple and dress it up with a beaded cape for a fabulous look! Here's one of my all-time fave looks featuring a beaded neck collar. 

4. Neck Accessory  

These are super fun, quirky, and versatile. Attach a detachable bow or use one of our neck scarves to create a bow over a collared shirt or on its own to add some flair to any outfit! Choose a statement color like bright pink for an eclectic look or solid black to keep it classic. If you're feeling *really* extra, let a satin or velvet ribbon double as a make-shift bow to add even more pizzazz to the look. Check out my neck scarf tutorial for some ideas on how to wear them. 

5. Statement Belt 

A statement belt is so easy to incorporate into any outfit, especially during the fall and winter! Wear it under or over your cardigan or sweater to instantly add depth to your look! If you're extra brave, try a fanny pack for your days on the go! 

Liked this post? Don't be selfish - share the secrets with your friends! 

What are some of your go-to hacks to dress up your outfits? Let me know in the comments below!