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The Changemakers Tour in Michigan - Treats, Heritage Silks Sneak Peeks & Positive Energy!

Posted on Jun 29, 2019
Noor Suleiman


"It's not about being more. It's about knowing I am already enough and being who He has called me to be." – Unknown

If there was a slogan for our Haute Hijab Changemakers Tour, this would be it. 

The second leg of our Changemakers tour is officially in the books, in none other than Melanie's home state, Michigan! And, what a day it was! 

We were hosted by the amazingly beautiful (inside and out!) and talented Amanda Saab, who not only opened up her home to us but created the most beautiful spread of food from her very own bakery, Butter Bear Shop. If you're in the Dearborn/Metro Detroit area, you MUST pay it a visit. You're guaranteed to have the best experience.

Now that I've had the honor of sampling some of her food (her famous Baklava Cheesecake is Out. Of. This. World), I can tell you first hand that it's unlike anything you've ever had. Aside from being a party in your mouth, I think it has to do with intention and soul she puts into making her food, and that her goal is to bring people together through what she does best. Amanda is doing big things, masha'Allah, and we can't wait to see how far she goes! 

And really, that's the whole premise of our Changemakers Tour: To become an agent for positive change in your community by being true to your God-given talents and passions. 

We started off the event with an "ice breaker" game where we went around the room, and each person introduced herself and shared something she loves about herself or some sort of talent she has. This proved to be (unsurprisingly) a tough question for some to answer due to insecurities and feeling self-conscious. Called "imposter's syndrome," it's a common issue many women struggle with, but we were determined to break free and celebrate each other! 

Afterward, we enjoyed a beautiful talk by our very own Melanie and then surprised everyone with an exclusive sneak peek of our never-before-seen upcoming Heritage Silks Collection!!! Oh, the perks of being a part of the #HHFam! 😉

There was also some designated time to just socialize and get to know each other, as well as play with all our hijabs - try them on, style them and just touch, feel and experience all Haute Hijab products in person. 

Of course, what's a party without some gifts? Everyone left with a swag bag that included our best selling product, a Jersey hijab (#KingofJersey), and a Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh! It's no secret how much Melanie loves Fresh - it's a staple in her skincare routine, and has quickly become a team fave as well! Their products are so good for you, and once you try them, you'll never go back! 

Michigan, you were so good to us. It's a beautiful thing to be in a room bursting with positive energy, and we all fed off of each other's vibes. What a wonderful group of women. We truly truly enjoyed meeting and chatting with each and every one of you. And TRUST ME when I say, we'll be back, insha'Allah!! 

Sending you all the love and positive vibes!! You know where to reach us! You can email or me personally at for anything! We are at your service! 

California, we're looking at you next!! See you in July insha'Allah! 😘

P.S - Watch this week's vlog for an inside look into our Changemakers Michigan Event!