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We Rounded Up Your Eid Outfit Inspo So You Can Focus on Ramadan!

Posted on Apr 29, 2019
Guest Contributor


By Rowayda Kawji

It feels like only yesterday we were observing last year’s Ramadan - praying tarawih, waking up early for suhoor and counting down the seconds until iftar. This year’s Ramadan is already around the corner. And in the blink of an eye, just as the year quickly passed, so will too the upcoming holy month. So, it’s a good time to start thinking about your Eid outfit, and we’re here to help you with that!

Planning your Eid outfit now has a few benefits, one of which being it's a thing you can check off your list! No matter what you choose to wear, make sure that you order it in time to ship for Eid, as most modest clothing websites receive a huge influx of orders around Ramadan time. If you’re buying your outfit from a store, be sure to give yourself enough time to find the right outfit and search for all the accompanying accessories and hijab you’ll want to wear.

Whichever route you choose, giving yourself advanced planning time will only help when you’re in the midst of Ramadan, fasting and ibadah - you won’t have to worry about it then! Check out the following looks for Eid outfit inspiration!

Easy Breezy Pleated Skirt, Bright Top

Pleated skirt, bright top

Photo via @withloveleena, outfit via Mango

Picking out a new outfit to wear on Eid has always been one of my favorite Eid traditions. I like to go with an outfit that is just the right combination of smart and dressy. There are several things to consider in your Eid outfit - cultural influences, where you are praying and what you are doing after Eid salah, perhaps a family color scheme. And, one of the most important things to consider is the weather.

For most people, Eid will fall in warm weather, so opting for light, comfortable fabrics is important. For example, pleated skirts - a trend I cannot get enough of - pair well with a dressy top in a bold color or with beautiful details. Because pleated skirts tend to be made of chiffon, the perfect hijab to add continuity and sophistication to your outfit would be a chiffon in a solid color like these Haute Hijab beauties, or in a fun print like these to tie in all the colors of your outfit.

Shop a similar look here or here for your skirt and here for your top. 

An Eid Staple - The Maxi Dress

maxi dress

Photo via @simplyjaserah, dress via Zara

Alternatively, maxi dresses make the absolute best Eid outfits. They’re easy to dress up or down, simple to accessorize and usually super comfortable in the warmer months. The best maxi dresses to wear with hijab are those with long sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about layering a shirt under or a cardigan on top. A great tip is to wear pants in a matching color if your maxi fits more like a midi to keep the outfit modest. To compliment the flowiness of the dress, style it with a beautiful HH georgette hijab.

Shop a similar look here and here.


Sleek and Elegant Jumpsuits

If you prefer pants over skirts and dresses, jumpsuits make for stunning eid outfits. Jumpsuits in more elegant fabrics, such as chiffons and satins, with pretty prints or with details like ruffles and bows are the best for dressing up for an occasion like Eid. Beautiful, monochromatic, flowing jumpsuits are also a pretty pick for your Eid outfit! For an extra layer of modest, consider adding a blazer or lightweight trench. For a hijab that looks beautiful without sacrificing comfort, try one of our modals in a stunning, rich color, which can be draped in so many ways and provide some extra coverage!

Shop dressy jumpsuits here and here.

Photo via @eslimah


Can’t Go Wrong With an Eid Abaya!

Photo via @ibtihajmuhammad

If you’re celebrating Eid in a place where the weather makes it too hard to be bothered to layer, a festive abaya is your best friend. Trends from the Arab Gulf, the center of abaya fashion in the Muslim world, have been focused on loose fitting abayas in simple designs and minimal beading while incorporating other colors along with the black.

Abayas are most often seen worn with their accompanying hijab that may have similar design details, but they can be worn with any black hijab in a similar fabric to the abaya for a sleek but stylish look. For a lighter fabric, this black chiffon hijab would pair perfectly, and for a thicker fabric this black georgette hijab would complete the look. To give your abaya an Eid twist, add an amazing bag and elegant shoes.

Shop similar looks here and here

Drawing on Culture for a Stunning Eid Outfit

For many women, Eid represents an opportunity to represent the beauty and history of their culture through wearing cultural clothes. From Desi kurtas and pyjamas or salwar-kameez, Palestinian thobes, Nigerian aso oke, to Somali harari dress, clothing steeped in culture makes for perfectly modest and festive Eid outfit choices. There are so many options for Eid looks that draw from the myriad of cultures around the world - here are just a few examples!

Eid Insp from around the world

Photo via @thatgirlyusra, Desi kurta/pyjama | Photo via @ayshaharun, traditional Harari outfit | Photo via @fatinaltamimi, Palestinian thobes are usually handmade or passed down from generation to generation.

We hope that these tips and tricks will make choosing a Eid outfit simple and effortless so that you can spend your Ramadan focused more on worship and family than on stressing to plan for Eid. We wish you a blessed and productive upcoming Ramadan, and we know you’ll have a fun and stylish Eid b’ithnAllah!