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Tour of Nigeria with the US State Department for Int'l Women's Day

Posted on Jan 21, 2017
Melanie Elturk


Back in March Ahmed and I were invited to Nigeria with the US State Department Speaker Program for International Women's Day. We were so excited to see a country we never thought we'd have the pleasure of visiting! We kicked off our trip in the capitol, Abuja and quickly made our way north to Kano.
In Kano, we were invited to the Arewa 24 morning show to talk about our tour in Nigeria for women's day speaking about women's empowerment and entrepreneurship.
In Kano, we visited centuries' old indigo dye pits. They showed us the entire process from start to finish and we got some awesome indigo pieces to take home as keepsakes :)
At the Kano cultural center we toured the Emir's palace and loved the traditional entertainment by these amazing performers! (Watch the vlog below to see them in action!)

In the Florence Dress in Camel :)

After Kano we made our way to the beautiful coastal city of Lagos - we were greeted so warmly at the Nike Art Gallery, owned by the incredibly inspiring Nike, seen below!
Nike's necklace and headpiece is made out of recycled plastic water bottles!
Press junket at the Lagos Business School before our talk with these amazing students!
Thank you to the US State Department for an amazing trip and memorable experience - we can't wait to return to Nigeria!

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