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Dear Sis – Are You New to Hijab? Our Kit has Everything You Need to Get You Started!

Posted on Apr 14, 2020
Dilshad Ali


Dear Sis,

As salaamu alaikum! Masha’Allah and Mubarak! I hear you’ve decided to start wearing hijab! Or, maybe you’re pretty new in your hijab journey, in which case Mubarak to you, too! Many of us remember what it is like to be a new hijabi, whether it was a decision you mulled over and researched, or something you just up and decided to do (like me)!

Some of you who are new to hijab also may be new to Islam, which can be doubly challenging as you are trying to figure out how to wrap, style and wear a hijab that fits in with your modest dressing and in which you feel comfortable and confident. I know that when I first began wearing hijab more than 15 years ago, I struggled to find just the right way to wear it, and that struggle went on for years.

No joke.

That was a time before any social media platforms or YouTube could show me what to wear, how to wear it and the different styles available to me. This was even before I could find places (online or in brick-and-mortar form) where I could buy specifically-designed hijabs instead of hacking my Desi dupattas and relying on gifted hijabs from abroad to help me cover.

I struggled for years to feel confident in my appearance – to have my outward match my inward confidence. I know many have variations of this story or other stories that revolve around just trying to figure out how to do this whole hijab thing.

New Hijabi Starter Kit

We don’t want any Muslim woman who begins to wear hijab to ever feel that unsurety. We want to set you up to succeed in what you are trying to do for the sake of Allah (S) and yourself. And so, we are so proud to bring to you our New Hijabi Starter Kit, containing everything you need to get started.

Your kit includes:

1. Three versatile hijabs in must-have fabrics and hues: a Lightweight Woven Hijab in Ivory, a Premium Jersey Hijab in Light Mink and an Everyday Chiffon Hijab in Black.

2. Our outrageously comfortable Classic Underscarf in Ivory to help contain your hair and prevent your hijab from slipping.

3. A Shaping Scrunchie in size small to comfortably hold and shape your hair under your hijab.

4. Super-strong No–Snag Hijab Magnets to style your hijabs without the damage caused by traditional pins.

5. An HH Tote Bag to carry all your essentials and show off some new hijabi pride.

6. Exclusive HH Stickers.

7. And the thing that ties this all together, our Ultimate Hijab Guide, a beautiful HH magazine created just for you. This Ultimate Hijab Guide starts with a heartfelt letter from Melanie and is full of information on hijab styles and fabrics, wardrobe essentials and exclusively written, thoughtful pieces from our HH team and blog writers on grounding your intentions, exploring if hijab is fard, feeling confident in hijab, hair care and more.

This New Hijabi Starter Kit is for those new to hijab, but it is a beautiful kit for anyone, no matter how long you’ve been wearing their hijab (or even if you only sometimes wear it). Whether it's for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, we hope this kit eases the transition into wearing hijab and gives you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident every day.

I wish this kit had been around when I started wearing hijab, and I pray this helps you in your hijab journey!