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A Mommy & Me Photo Roundup To Give You ALL The Feels


Posted on May 11, 2019
Mona Mostafa


Mother’s Day is nearly here, and Eid is right around the corner. There’s so much to celebrate! Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that paradise lies under the feet of our mothers, and although we should be celebrating our mothers every day, this is our time to do something extra special and make memories that last a lifetime!

With Mother’s Day and Eid ul Fitr at the end of Ramadan being such exciting, anticipated holidays, it’s the perfect opportunity to dress up and celebrate with your family! And for mothers, it can be a fun photo opportunity to coordinate your outfit with your kids and get that perfect family photo! Whether you plan your outfits last minute or a month in advance, we’ve got you covered with different Mommy & Me styling ideas to make the day all the more special!

Matchy Matchy!

This is for parents who want an adorable photo op with their kids to match them from head to toe! It may be hard to find the same exact outfit, but if you can, it makes for an unforgettable photo! Anna Hariri is a great way to find matching dresses with your little girl! She has both adult and kid-size dresses so you can walk into that Eid/Mother’s Day party looking like the cutest dolls!

Rehma @thehadylife and her daughter are too cute in their purple outfits, masha’Allah! Rehma paired her dress perfectly with our Silk Hijab in Pearl Dust!

Another great idea is to do a jeans ensemble, while dressing it up with a statement necklace! You could also do a cute up-do for your daughters hair (with a matching ribbon or bow around her bun) or put her hair down with a polka dot headband or bow!

Alaa @__alaazeitawi__ and her daughter couldn’t be any more adorable in their matching jeans tops masha'Allah! Alaa chose a neutral Jersey Hijab (our famous Light Mink) to compliment her outfit!

Color Coordination

Sometimes, when we think of matching, we think we need to get the same exact top and/or same pants or skirt, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You can just pick one color you want to plan your outfits around and pick anything within that same color family to be coordinated with your loved ones!

Danah @motherofpearl91 wore a beautiful floral gown for her maternity shoot with our Jersey Hijab in White (which is currently out of stock, but check out this similar Georgette Hijab in White) and her daughter matched in an adorable white dress and a blue bow just like the flowers on her mother’s dress! 

Danah and Kinzah

Sumaiya @sumaiyaazom did a pink theme for her newborn photoshoot where she wore our Jersey Hijab in Rose Quartz and dressed her newborn in hot pink with a peach bow to match her top - another great idea if you have a newborn you’d like to match with for Mother’s Day/Eid!

Mommy and baby

The Perfect Pairing

Pairing outfits is a great Eid idea if you’re looking to match with your children but still want everybody to have their own individual style.

What do we mean by outfit pairing? Check out Gloria @glowrious.s who is wearing a white dress shirt with jeans while her son is matching in his white dress shirt and her daughter is matching in a light yellow top to match her mom’s printed hijab! Both mother and daughter are wearing matching brown belts and sandals to make for an adorable family photo showing everyone’s individual sense of fashion!

Mommy and children in white shirt

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Ashley @mommyweek and her son masha'Allah! She’s wearing our Modal Maxi Hijab in Lipstick Red (which is currently out of stock, but check out our Georgette Hijab in Fire Engine Red) that compliments the red stripes on her son's shirt. Her pants also match her son's jeans ensemble for the perfect pairing masha'Allah! Don't forget that cheetah print shoe to add a pop to the entire outfit!

Mother and Son, red hijab

Last, but never least, is Noha @nohamoura with her handsome son, masha’Allah! Noha is wearing our Viscose in Blush, paired with a long sleeve white maxi dress. Her son is matching with his white dress shirt and showing his individual style with his adorable blazer and shorts!

Mother and son

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you have fun with it, and feel free to get your kids involved in the outfit choosing process - ask them what they would like to add to their outfit to make it match yours! Even if they pick something silly, remember that it will make for great memories and moments you’ll remember for years to come, insha’Allah!

Share your photos with us in the comments!