Melanie's Picks: Statement Sleeves & Tops for Spring

Posted on Mar 31, 2017
Melanie Elturk


Statement sleeves

I've been on the hunt for some killer statement tops as winter melts into spring and as I found some beautiful pieces I thought I'd create a 'Melanie's Pick's' post for you all! Some of these tops will need a little finessing to work with hijab while others are quintessential slip-on-and-go tops perfect for warmer weather.

For the deep v-necks, a simple crew-neck tee, a white collared shirt or our detachable collar top (if you were lucky enough to snag one!) would work perfectly. For some of the tighter tops, these pieces are *perfect* for layering under jackets, sweaters or cardigans with the sleeves rolled up to show off the bell sleeve underneath!

Off the shoulder tops

These off the shoulder tops are going to be a tad trickier to pull off with hijab - but don't be discouraged! You'll be surprised how easy some of these are to work with hijab :)

For the standard off-the-shoulder tops, a long-sleeve tee or white collared shirt (either in cotton or silk) will pair beautifully. I'd recommend a Haute Hijab wrap that falls over the top to break-up the two pieces.

For the asymmetrical ruffle tops, they'll require a bit more work but the pay-off is worth it! A more polished hijab style (like our square scarves) tucked into a collar or turtleneck will complement the statement asymmetrical ruffle without competing with it. For this to work, the top you wear underneath will need to be super tight to avoid bulkiness. I have a few white-collared tops and turtlenecks specifically for layering that are super tight - it's the secret to seamless layering!