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We're donating this weekend to help the Rohingya community – join us in giving back

Posted on Oct 12, 2018
Melanie Elturk


Photo: © BRAC

Dear HH Family,

The reason I started Haute Hijab eight years ago was to empower Muslim women and ensure all Muslims take pride in their faith and feel confident in their beliefs. I love my faith because it makes me who I am, and I take pride in expressing it through my hijab, visibly and undeniably, for the whole world to see.

As many of you are aware, since late 2016, the Rohingya community in Myanmar has been the target of a large-scale campaign by Myanmar’s military that has resulted in an estimated 6,700 deaths and the displacement of well over 700,000 people, most of whom have fled to Bangladesh where they remain vulnerable refugees, especially during monsoon season.

Photo: © BRAC 

Most recently, the UN fact-finding mission released its official report, declaring the violence a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing” and a genocide.

For obvious reasons, the devastation of the Rohingya people in Myanmar has struck a chord within me and the whole Haute Hijab team. We have always made it our mission to support Muslims around the world by building a brand that empowers, supports and uplifts our voices on our own terms. Yet right now in Myanmar, Muslims are being persecuted for no reason other than their faith. Therefore, we have decided to do what we can to help the Rohingya people.

Photo: © BRAC 

Over the course of the next few days, we’ll donate a third of our proceeds to BRAC, an international development NGO ranked as the number one NGO in the world for three consecutive years. A Bangladesh-based organization, BRAC is providing life-saving humanitarian aid to the nearly 1 million Rohingya people that have fled to Bangladesh.

We know, as you do, that there are many, many crises around the world that need our attention. We have chosen to focus on the Rohingya genocide right now because we believe it’s not getting the attention it deserves, especially in the wake of the UN’s announcement.

Photo: © BRAC 

In short, know that 1/3 of the proceeds of any purchase you make between October 12 and October 15 will be donated towards this cause. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to give back in this way, and we hope you will too!

Additionally, if you would like to donate directly to BRAC, we encourage you to do so here.


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