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Istanbul Modest Fashion Week


Posted on May 02, 2017
Melanie Elturk


Today's throwback post is Istanbul Modest Fashion Week from last May! I vlogged the trip as soon as I got back (watch the video below) but clearly it's taken me forever to get the photos up. Enjoy this trip down memory lane with me!

I got in to Istanbul a couple days early from Malaysia so I had some awesome alone time to disconnect and gather my thoughts. Our hotel was in Kadikoy (on the Asian side) next to a charming little neighborhood called Moda with great shopping and restaurants. I wandered my way to the waterfront and with a paper and pen, I had an awesome afternoon collecting my thoughts.

I also made my way to Sultanahmet for some sightseeing including Aya Sofiya (above) and the Blue Mosque (below).


One of my favorite things to do in Istanbul is masjid hop - there are so many incredible mosques that are the perfect place to reconnect. At this Mihrimah Sultan Mosque (below) I climbed up a spiral staircase to the top floor with a stunning view of the prayer space below me.

It was here I made sincere dua that Allah (S) would connect me with those that were good for my dunya and akhira in the days that followed at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week. I have to admit I was a little nervous meeting all these girls (hi all the baddest hijabi bloggers on earth) so I needed to rely on God to give me a sense of peace and calm :)

Day 1 of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week! The venue was an abandoned railway station and the runway was this train platform - I was impressed to say the least ;)


Some of my favorite pieces that came down the runway. Check out the article I wrote for for more highlights :)

Reunited with this doll! Love me some Ruba @hijabhills <3

The girls were so sweet! It was awesome to finally meet them all ;)

I met Mariah! After writing about her for ELLE it was so great to finally meet her in person. I was equally as excited to meet Habiba Da Silva and Haneefah of @Hijarbie - we had such a blast together!


Day 2! I would just like to take this moment to gush about how much I love Leena @withloveleena. She is *such* a gem and I was so happy we were able to finally meet and connect in person. I love her!!

Hands down my favorite designer of the event - Irna La Perle

On our final day in Istanbul we went back to the European side for more sightseeing. How stunning is this view?

Remember that du'a I made at that masjid? Immediately I saw those prayers unfold - particularly with Mariah and Sebina, two beautiful souls I connected with on a deeper level almost instantly. Hamdulilah for friendships crafted by God rooted in our love for Him <3

Watch all the behind the scenes footage in my vlog - enjoy!! xoxo, Mel