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Introducing #HHSketchbook - High-Fashion Sketches Inspired by You

Posted on Oct 18, 2018
Erin Smith


This week we tapped into our artistic side and unveiled a new campaign we're calling the #HHSketchbook – featuring hand-drawn fashion illustrations of some of our favorite hijabi influencers!

Fashion illustrations have been around for centuries – before the invention of photography, these fashion plates let people know what was happening in the fashion industry if they couldn't see the clothes in person. It became trendy to pass these little books of fashion illustrations around, and even collect them! 

Over time, fashion illustration became more and more stylized, and beginning in the 1920s, after fashion photography more or less replaced their initial purpose, they eventually evolved into their own art form. 

Historically though, fashion illustrations out there didn't exactly include many hijabis. We've decided that it's time for that to change. 

The first influencer we chose to illustrate is the wonderful Eileen of Eslimah in an all-red look she wore to visit the Louvre. We loved all the fun details in this look – the vibrant color, contrasting collar, pleated pant detail and subtle play on proportion.

She topped off her look with our Everyday Georgette Hijab in Mink – one of our most best-selling neutrals! (Hint hint - it's also just back in stock!)

We had so much fun creating this campaign and we can't wait for you to see what's next!

Be sure to share on Facebook and let us know who you'd like to see in our sketchbook! Post your ideas in the comments below!