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Ikram Abdi Omar Becomes The Second Hijabi Model To Be Signed To A Modeling Agency

Posted on Mar 15, 2018
Guest Contributor


Meet Ikram Abdi Omar, the newest professional hijabi model to be signed to an agency. Get to know her, because you’ll be seeing her often.

She's taking the fashion world by storm.

Ikram Abdi Omar is the newest model in the industry. Now signed to Bookings Model Agency, she has taken the fashion world by surprise – she is the second model who wears hijab (after Halima Aden) to be signed to a major agency. People love her not only for her spirited persona and beauty, but for her vibrant passion for wearing her hijab while she conquers the world in stilettos. In Ikram’s own words, “One key message that I would put out there is to never stop doing what you love to do and dream big. I’ve always wanted to model at London Fashion Week, so if I can do it, they can do it too.” This clearly advocates her beliefs that she does not allow any obstacles to get in her way – she is in it for the long run and so is her hijab!

The model most recently made headlines as she stepped out for the Molly Goddard Fall 2018 runway in hijab. Ikram Abdi Omar sends a message to young girls who wear hijab - especially since many are still subjected to harassment or feeling insecure because of their hijab. She reveals to Vogue, “[A] young black Muslim girl can be proud to see someone that looks just like her – in the sense of skin tone and clothing – can make it to London Fashion Week.” So much intensity is projected from these words as the words hold more than interpreted. “A young black Muslim girl” emphasizes the lack of what you see in the media, as other perceptions of beauty are mostly portrayed by blue eyes and blonde hair, which is nonetheless still beauty, of course – but Ikram’s presence on the world stage is especially meaningful for young Muslim girls searching for themselves in a role model. Her inclusion in fashion week is an encouraging step forward.


Photo Credit: Miro Arva

So who exactly is Ikram Abdi Omar?

Ikram Abdi Omar is a Swedish-born Muslim woman who moved to Bristol, UK at a young age. She also spent about six months living in Africa, attending an Islamic private school which helped her focus on her faith even more (you can hear more in this Youtube interview). Aside from modeling, Ikram spends some of her time broadcasting some of her life to the world on her Youtube channel, where she shares her interests in henna tattoos and reviewing makeup brands. Other than doing videos about makeup, Ikram promotes hijab positivity by creating hijab tutorial videos.  

We hope to see more of this energetic high fashion model and be a part of her journey as she triumphs in the fashion world – one hijab at a time.

Melany Canela is currently an intern for Haute Hijab. She’s a growing writer, and budding fashion designer. She hopes to grow as a writer as she blogs for Haute Hijab in hope to master the art of blogging and progress her understanding of different fashion styles in different cultures. Lastly she is thrilled to be apart of a growing company that will rule the world with one Hijab at a time!