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Wearing Square Hijabs is Easier Than You Think!

Posted on Jun 09, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff


Here's an age old question in hijab world  are you a rectangle or a square? We know a lot of our Haute Hijab fans and customers love rocking our rectangle hijabs, but there is also a contingency who prefers squares! Our own Melanie is a big fan of wearing squares in numerous signature styles, from tucked-in to a pretty bow tied on the side and more! 

If you've been solid in the rectangle hijab-wearing camp, consider trying a square. Sometimes it's good to change things up, try new fabrics, sizes and styles! Sometimes the print or hijab you want is only available in a square! We've got the hook up on three Melanie tutorials we've shared over the years with easy steps to wearing and styling a square hijab!

Some of these tutorials go back seven years, and Melanie's hijab-style has certainly evolved a lot over that time, but the advice in these different tutorials still hold solid today! Check it out!

Melanie's Signature Hijab Style

Are you a fan of Melanie's tucked-in look? She achieves that with a square hijab and some simple styling! She says this is a perfect style for work, but we think this style could work anywhere and is especially helpful when you don't want a lot of material out and about.


Knotted Side Bow/Necktie Style with a Square Hijab

Sometimes Melanie, especially in fresh spring and summer looks, wraps her square hijab with a cute bow on the side that brings some extra oomph to any breezy look! You can achieve that same style too!


How to Wrap Your Square HIjab as a Wrap

By using an underscarf (try choosing one of our Ultimate Underscarves), Melanie wraps her square in such manner to allow for some decent draping across the front and gives the hijab style the look of a wrap!


Be sure to check out our Haute Hijab YouTube channel for other tutorials on wearing squares (and of course other sizes and types of our hijabs)! Try something outside your comfort zone. Try it a few times so that you can get used to yourself in a different look! We can get locked into a lock for years without even knowing it.

Who knows? Maybe square hijabs will become your new favorite go-to!