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How to Build Your Perfect Hijab Collection

Posted on Mar 11, 2019
Erin Smith


Building a hijab collection can be complicated. We're here to make it simple! Whether you're building your collection for the first time or looking for a closet refresh, making sure your hijab collection truly works for you, your taste and your lifestyle comes down to a few basic elements: Fabric, foundation, color, freshness and – most importantly – fun!

1. It starts with the right fabrics. From jersey to silk and everything in between, each fabric has its own unique look, feel and function – so having a wide range in your hijab arsenal is key to making sure you're prepared for any occasion.

Problem: there are so many fabrics to choose from that it can be hard to know which is which! The following is a breakdown of each of the fabrics we carry, along with some of my recommendations and tips. 

Chiffon is our quintessential everyday fabric, thanks to its airy feel and crisp finish. There's something about it that's just so chic — perfect if you work in an office or more formal setting, or if you just like to have really polished everyday looks. (Speaking of chiffon, you can add some extra pizazz to your regular rotation with our chiffon Prints – we release 8 new, limited-edition prints every week to always keep your wardrobe fresh!)

Our Georgette is similar to chiffon, but just a little thicker and with a non-slip texture that provides more grip to the hijab – so you can wear them without an underscarf!

Our Jersey hijabs are the go-to for kicking back, working out or anytime you want to feel a little *extra* comfy! We generally talk about jersey as a casual fabric, but ours has a slight sheen that we know many of you wear to work and dress up as well! The best part is, they don't require an underscarf or pins to wear them! Their versatility is what makes them so special.

Our essential Silk elevates the everyday with its natural luster that you can effortlessly dress up or down. You might consider silk a formal events-only kind of fabric, but the truth is, it makes a beautiful everyday option too – especially if you want something that feels light-as-air! We recently heard from an HH customer who is a doctor and works in hospitals – she told us she's purchased our silks in every color to wear with her scrubs because they're so light and comfortable!

Viscose's airy woven finish and beautiful drape makes it ideal for casual and formal looks alike. The feel of the fabric is a little bit similar to a lightweight linen or wool, and the loose weave makes it extra breathable – ideal for summer weather and warm climates. It can be styled with or without pins – perfect if you want something super versatile to add to your arsenal besides jersey!

Modal, like Viscose, has a woven finish with a slightly tighter weave. Ours are also maxi-sized for maximum coverage and styling possibilities. If you prefer having extra fabric to work with for chest coverage, or you love to create voluminous styles with your hijab, then modal is perfect for you. Like viscose, you can wear it with or without pins — our Blog Editor, Dilshad, swears by them!

Our Satin has a high-shine finish that's well-suited to formal events and everyday glam. They can be slippery, so make sure to use pins and/or an underscarf, or consider grabbing a square to tie into a more non-slip hijab style (like Melanie's go-to everyday look as seen in this tutorial).

Our Luxury hijabs are handcrafted, timelessly glamorous pieces that are made for the most special days in your life. But then, it kinda depends on who you ask — if you're our Creative Director Gizelle, they're basically an everyday look!

    Once you have a good sense of which fabrics you need for each part of your daily life, it's that much easier to make sure you have enough of the ones that best suit your lifestyle.

    2. Strong foundations are everything, so make sure to start off your look with the best! Underscarves can make or break a good hijab look and provide that security and ease of comfort. Each of our Ultimate Underscarves has its own unique design touches to cover all the bases:

    • The Criss-Cross merges serious style and function with its adjustable tech fabric front, built-in ear ports and delicately pleated back that's fully opaque, yet breathes like a dream.
    • The Classic gives you that tried-and-true underscarf look with its wide-cut tech fabric front, while the net back smoothes and contains your hair and allows for maximum airflow.
    • The Barely There is made of soft, stretchy net that smoothes and contains your hair in the lightest, airiest way possible, to give you the security of an underscarf without being visible under your hijab.  

    If you prefer to forego underscarves, that's totally fine too! What's most important is that you feel comfortable and confident, and many fabrics work just fine without them.

    Oh, and whether or not you wear an underscarf – don't forget to give your hair some love before getting your hijab on! Consider brushing a little leave-in conditioner through your ends so that your hair will feel nice and moisturized at the end of the day. If you're putting your hair in a bun, be careful not to tie it too tight, as this can create tension on the hair and contribute to breakage or even hair loss! A simple bun with a soft scrunchie should do the trick – easy does it. :) Whatever your individual hair care routine, showing your hair some TLC while you're getting ready for your day can go a long way. 

    3. Choosing your ideal hijab colors is both a science and an art. Having an array of timeless neutrals and classic colors makes getting dressed a breeze – but how do you know which hues to choose?

    Everyone has natural skin undertones that are either Warm (yellow), Cool (red), or Neutral (a mix of both). Just like choosing makeup shades, choosing hijab colors that complement your skin's unique undertones can go a long way towards amping up that natural glow. Not sure how to identify your undertones? Check out this helpful tutorial!

    Warm skin tones glow in (you guessed it!) warm colors and shades that also have yellow undertones to them – think reds, yellows, rich camel and gold – whereas pastels and cool tones will be trickier to pull off. Cool skin tones, on the other hand, often look best in pastels and shades of blue, green and purple, while yellows and beiges can wash you out. If you have a neutral skin tone, lucky you! You can easily wear most any shade.

    Of course, it goes without saying that the most beautiful colors are the ones you love – so use this as a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.

    4. Keeping your hijab wardrobe fresh is important. How many of us have those couple of clothing items that (often, despite having a whole closet full of other options) we wear over and over? It pays to invest in high-quality hijabs that are designed to last, because how frustrating is it to find a new favorite, only to have it become threadbare and ragged after only a little bit of wear?  

    Once you find those true go-to hijabs, never let them go. Stock up on a few so you always have a fresh one to wear, and take the time to replace them when a few seasons pass. When it does come time to do a little spring cleaning, make sure to do it responsibly!

    5. Most importantly — enjoy the process of creating your signature style. Whether or not you consider yourself "into" fashion, your hijab can be a source of inspiration as well as pride, so have fun with it! If it interests you, keep an eye on Instagram and Pinterest, or watch hijab tutorials on Youtube to get fresh styling ideas. Have fun experimenting with new looks and colors until you find the one that's just right for you. 

    So there you have it! From fabric, to foundation, to understanding your colors and most importantly, having fun with it — curating your own perfect hijab collection doesn't have to be hard!