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How HH Tote Bags Can Serve Your Back to School Needs – A Testimonial!

Posted on Sep 04, 2019
Mona Mostafa


It’s back to school time for students, teachers and families! We know you probably have all your supplies in order, including pens and pencils, binders and notebooks – but what about a bag?! Of course I know everyone has their backpacks, but I’m talking about the bag you need for all of your miscellaneous items, like your lunch, cell phone, gym clothes, etc. Not to mention, a bag to store extra stuff in your car and one that makes a statement!

f you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about our Tote Bags for a Cause! Our tote bags are roomy inside without being overly huge and have a secret pocket inside for your cell phone, wallet or other important things. It’s also durable, washable and SUPER cute! Because let’s face it, we all need that extra bag to help lug around our stuff, carry our purchases (and thereby reduce our plastic use) and store things in our cars! The best part is that by buying this bag, a portion of your purchase goes to ICNA Relief’s Women’s Transitional Housing Program.

Hijab Makes Me Feel Confident

I use mine for travel or any short trips I’m making to someone’s house where I don’t want to carry a giant backpack but just need something small, and easy to carry. The fact that it makes a bold statement and is adorable with any outfit is always a plus!

If you’re in college, you already know you may have those days where you only have one class and don’t want to lug that big backpack across campus, or maybe you’re just having lunch with a friend before studying and don’t feel like bringing all of your books! If that’s the case, a bag like this is what you need!

And if you’re a teacher, we know what it’s like to have to carry all those exams and homework assignments back and forth from your home to class and vice versa. This bag can be the perfect solution for you as well! 

As we mentioned above, a portion of the proceeds goes to ICNA Relief’s Women’s Transitional Housing Program, which assists women by providing them with the proper resources to being financially independent again so they can get back on their feet and live on their own or with their families. Read more about our partnership with ICNA Relief here.

So, not only are you going to have the cutest bag to compliment any outfit, you’re going to make a bold statement by sharing how hijab makes YOU feel as well as getting good deeds for donating to a great cause insha’Allah! (Just make sure you make the intention to help a humanitarian cause to get the deeds 😉)

Hijab Makes Me Feel Tote BagsJust in case you’re still not convinced by my testimonial –  check out some others from our #HHFam below! 🤗

“I purchased this bag more out of wanting to donate to the cause than because I needed another tote, but I'm really impressed with the quality of the product. The bag is roomy, the straps sturdy, and the inside zippered pocket really convenient. I like that there's writing on both sides, and the bag ends up being classy and sassy at the same time. So glad I purchased!” – Marissa Mowery

“LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It's the exact sort of bag I need to carry with me when I need a confidence booster” – Rund D.

Do you own one of our HH tote bags? What do you use it for? Share your comments below!