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Changing the Hijab Narrative - Introducing Our ‘Hijab Makes Me Feel’ Tote Bags!

Posted on May 16, 2019
Mona Mostafa


It’s no secret that hijab is taking the world by storm - Ibtihaj Muhammad, Ilhan Omar and Halima Aden are just a few names who have made a big mark here in the U.S., and we couldn’t be more proud! It’s also no secret that many people in media and around the world are trying to paint another image of hijab - making it seem oppressive and suffocating. Fortunately, for a lot of us who wear the hijab, we know that that isn’t the case.

When I first started working at Haute Hijab several months ago, I started thinking about how frustrating it was that certain people around the world - who essentially know little about hijab - were trying to paint this fictional picture of what they think it is. I thought to myself, what about all the beautiful things about hijab? Who’s spreading that message? That’s when the “Hijab Makes Me Feel” campaign was born. And from that campaign, we developed a new product for you!

We are proud to announce that for the first time in seven years, we have launched five beautiful tote bags YOU helped create that embody the message of the “Hijab Makes Me Feel” campaign!

Hijab makes me feel tote bags

These tote bags were born from a campaign that started with several social media polls asking you what hijab means to you in one word. We received a flood of positive responses and then narrowed it down to your top five answers: Beautiful. Confident. Empowered. Complete. Protected.

We loved your responses so much that we wanted to share them with the world, and we wanted to give you the platform to do so, too. The crown we wear on our heads every day is a direct representation of who we are to the outside world - strong, smart, beautiful Muslim women. But, we don’t always have the opportunity to share our thoughts and experiences with hijab in that way.

Now, our tote bags can do the talking, or at least give others a reason to start a dialogue with us about hijab! Each bag has one of your top five responses displaying a powerful message that you can share with the world at large -- Hijab Makes Me Feel Empowered | Confident | Complete | Protected | Beautiful.

With every purchase of a tote bag, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to help empower women in transitional housing through ICNA Relief USA. ICNA Relief has 17 transitional homes across the U.S. Their goal is to empower women by providing them with resources such as classes to learn about finance and budgeting, professional development and entrepreneurial skills. All classes are provided in a safe environment so they can focus on gaining the skills necessary to find employment and regain their independence in the community.

Our Community Manager, Noor, spoke with the National Director of Transitional Housing, Malika MacDonald, who told us how women can benefit from the program: “From the moment they come in, they fill out paperwork and get assigned a case manager. They have weekly meetings with the case manager to discuss their future plans, and what help they need to achieve their goals. In this meeting, they go through everything in detail, as well as short term and long term goals. Most short term goals are to take classes and get a job. Long term goals are to save money and get their own place.”

Our goal at Haute Hijab is to empower Muslim women every single day, and we are working with ICNA Relief USA because we see that our missions of empowering Muslim women align.

We hope you enjoy our new “Hijab Makes Me Feel” tote bags and help support this meaningful cause!

Be sure to tag us in your photos with your HH tote bag and hashtag #HijabMakesMeFeel to be featured! Which of our new tote bags most embody how you feel when wearing hijab? Tell us in the comments below!