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In One Word - How Does Hijab Make You Feel?

Posted on Dec 14, 2018
Mona Mostafa


Hijab Makes Me FeelMixed messaging continues to surround the hijab and those who wear it. Too often the public at large still view the hijab as something forced or oppressive, despite more positive representations of hijabi women in television, movies and other areas of life. Even within our Muslim communities, it can be tough.

But what about the women who choose to wear it because they see beauty in it or peace, solace and liberation? What about hijabi women who have positive experiences? What do they have to say?

Although it isn’t commonly advertised, hijab brings so much joy to many women both inside and outside of the Muslim community. There are women who proudly wear the hijab on a permanent (or temporary) basis. And for a lot of women, it's exhausting to constantly feel like they have to defend their right or choice in wearing it.

On the HHSpottedClub page -- our customer-driven Instagram page where we feature amazing women wearing their Haute Hijabs -- we recently asked a question: “In one word, how does hijab make you feel?”

The responses were amazing.

Hijab Makes Me FeelA flood of positive responses from women all over the world, who wear hijab every day or even just occasionally, filled our Instagram feed. That’s when we knew we had to share this to help change the narrative. At Haute Hijab, we want women to love their hijabs, to feel beautiful and empowered. We want them to master their hijab style. We want to continue to help change the negativity that surrounds hijab. Hence, the “Hijab Makes Me Feel” campaign was born.

We posted photos of women in their Haute Hijabs along with their one-word responses to how hijab makes them feel. The words cited by these ladies were pleasant, refreshing and powerful. The idea that hijab is oppressive or limiting, although it may feel true for some, is not the case for all hijab-wearing women. Our community told us they felt, “safe, confident, beautiful, modest, complete, empowered and strong,” just to name a few!

Hijab Makes Me FeelThe “Hijab Makes Me Feel” campaign elicited so many comments from women telling us how important they felt this campaign was and how amazing it was to see these responses from others. 

To all Muslim women we want to say -- don’t let negativity you may receive in the public arena sway you from how you feel in your hearts. Stay strong, beautiful and powerful! And remember, you have the power to change the narrative too.