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Hijab Donations for Healthcare Professionals: Your FAQs Answered

Posted on Apr 02, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff


As the world continues to confront the coronavirus pandemic, millions of brave doctors, nurses, technicians and more have risen to the challenge. They are true heroes, risking their own lives every day to be on the front lines, caring for ever-growing numbers of people afflicted with serious cases of COVID-19. As we continue our campaign to support these courageous individuals with free hijabs, we wanted to take the time to answer some of your frequently asked questions about the campaign and share some other ways you can help. 

1. Why donate hijabs? What makes this an urgent need right now?

For those fighting COVID-19, sanitation protocols and constant laundering can really take a toll on your hijabs. 

As Dr. Riham Alwan (left) shared with us: “We do need it. If you can imagine, before you wouldn’t be as neurotic about it, but at this stage, those of us on the front lines, we really need to stock up on these hijabs cause we’re washing them after every use.” Having a fresh, functional headscarf can be a big help, particularly to those medical workers who cover their hair full-time, but even to those who don't. 

2. What hijabs are best for medical workers?

Many healthcare professionals have let us know over the years that our jersey hijabs are the best option we carry for them. They're stretchy, soft and slip-resistant, making them extremely easy to style and comfortable to wear all day. You can also wrap them without pins, if that's your preference.

They're also flexible for using stethoscopes and other equipment, and the premium-quality jersey holds up well to repeated washing — which is important always, but especially right now!

3. I'm a medical worker. How do I request a hijab?

Click here and fill out the form to request a hijab for yourself or for a healthcare professional you know who's on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

While we are not able to guarantee a hijab due to high demand, we have already donated over 500 in total and will continue to donate as many as possible!

4. How can I donate a hijab to a medical worker?

Click here to sponsor a jersey hijab that will be donated to a healthcare professional on your behalf!

5. What if I want to donate to someone specific I know?

You can place an order as you'd normally would on our site, but make sure to put in their direct shipping address when purchasing the hijab. 

6. Why aren't you making masks?

Our factory in Dubai quickly got to work on masks, but due to a shortage in the United Arab Emirates, government prohibitions on exporting medical supplies means we are unfortunately unable to ship them out of the country. We are still looking into other ways we might be able to help!

7. How else can I help?

The need for all kinds of donations is great. If you have a stash of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, sanitizing wipes, face shields, disposable gloves or other useful essentials and you are able to share, reach out to local healthcare facilities to see if they can take them. Many people are even getting crafty and breaking out their sewing machines to make masks by hand! (Please note this is not a medical-grade face mask.) 

You can step up to help healthcare workers you know by facilitating childcare (with proper safety protocols in place) and meals to those on the front lines. Many restaurants are donating meals to the elderly, those in needs and healthcare workers. Donate to those restaurants to help out. Or, ask around on social media to see what initiatives are already happening in your area. Alhamdulillah, even as this crisis appears scary and chaotic, there are already so many beautiful examples of people stepping up to lend a hand.

Perhaps the most important way to help is to follow social distancing guidelines and stay home as long as possible. Healthcare workers' ability to fight this crisis depends on all of us to do whatever we can to flatten the curve and reduce the burden on hospitals.

And, last but not least, don't forget to say "thank you." These incredible heroes need our love, prayers and support as well as our material help.

Thank you again to all of our incredible medical professionals and those who are mobilizing to support them. May Allah (S) protect you all and keep you safe.